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20 Watts Video: The Grog Shop — A Rockumentary by 20watts

The Grog Shop


The Grog Shop is a legendary Ohio venue that’s served Cleveland Heights for over a decade. One month ago 20 Watts decided to commission a short documentary on it.

Venues like the Grog Shop always have great history attached to them — a history of intrinsic connection with the music we hear in them. Think back to the best concerts you’ve been to and think about why they were great. Sure the band was awesome, but apart from the live performance and its smoke and mirrors, what will make the experience memorable? Venues owe a debt to the musicians who play in them just as bloggers and journalists do. Their job is to enhance the experience of the fans beyond what the band can pull off.

20 Watts staffers have had countless breathtaking experiences at Funk N Waffles, the Westcott Theater, Lost Horizon and other Syracuse venues. Animal Collective named their mainstream breakout record after Merriweather Post Pavilion. And of course, who doesn’t recall New York’s famed CBGB with some measure of fond nostalgia?

So when trusted 20 Watts associate Aaron Freeder offered to shoot a short profile on the Grog Shop, what could we do but jump at the opportunity? Check it out!


A short documentary about the legendary venue in Coventry Village of Cleveland, Ohio.

DIRECTED \\ Aaron Freeder
PRODUCED \\ Eric Vilas Boas

FEATURING\\ The Melvins, Keith Vance, Justin Markert, Diamonds & Pearls, The Corduroy Mason Band, Bayside, Hawthorne Heights

— 20 Watts


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