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ISSUE 20 | Sound-Alike: Delirium by Irina Dvalidze
February 22, 2010, 6:41 pm
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Marcus Neal aka Delirium, may seem like an ordinary  SU freshman at a first glance but there is much more to this Jersey native than meets the eye. Looks like he has been taking the campus by storm since he stepped first  his foot at SU. You’ve read about him in our Sound-Alikes section so now its time you give him a listen and check out what he has to say about his music, his inspirations and hopes for the future.

— Video by Paris Peckerman

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ISSUE 20 | 20 Watts Interviews Parlovr by tjwell01

On the eve of a new EP and still unsigned, Parlovr is anxious to branch out

PREVIEW: VISIT Parlovr’s MySpace

Check out 20 Watts’ exclusive interview with Parlovr’s Louis Jackson. Jackson and Parlovr are an unsigned indie rock band based in Montreal, and one of 20 Watts’ favorite emerging artists. With just a little guitar kit from K-Mart and mountains of spirit, Parlovr is clawing it’s way to the top of the exploding Montreal music scene.

— Jett Wells

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Editor’s Pick #206: The Soft Pack by dana20watts
The Soft Pack: Another soundtrack-worthy band from CaliforniaListen to The Soft Pack

PREVIEW: LISTEN The Soft Pack’s “Answer to Yourself,” on their Myspace.

In my search for some new music — my favorite method of procrastination — I came across a list of cover songs, one being a version of Phoenix’s “Fences” by The Soft Pack. I figured it was worth a listen since, you know, Phoenix is awesome and all.

The song instantly made me imagine walking around Urban Outfitters while it blasted so loudly my eardrums burst. But unlike most of the stuff they play, I didn’t mind it. That in itself persuaded me to listen to some of the band’s original tracks, such as “Parasites” and their new single, “Answer to Yourself.” I quickly felt like I stepped out of Urban Outfitters and into an episode of “The O.C.”

The San Diego-based band, formally known as The Muslims, fuse the conventional, laid-back California indie rock with a more high-energy, danceable sound. I’d say they’re a mix between The Strokes and Interpol — a match made in hipster heaven.

The Soft Pack’s funky sound is already gaining popularity in the indie rock world. Their recently self-released, untitled debut EP sold so many records it’s currently being re-pressed- with brand new tracks, I might add. They were even one of the most popular acts at this year’s CMJ festival, with shows that the New York Press called “no bullshit.”

If these credentials don’t convince you, take my word for it: The Soft Pack is definitely worth adding to your iTunes.

— Dana Mikaelian, Communications Director

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Calling All SU 20 Watts Readers! by tjwell01
June 22, 2009, 10:26 am
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Do you love 20 Watts? Do you love reading up on hip music inputs from SU college students? Do you like to write? If yes to any of these, we could use you as a blog contributor!

20 Watts is going through a serious makeover this summer, and we’re recruiting a fresh staff with lots of great music taste to revitalize 20 Watts’ image and reputation. How much you get to write is all up to you. We love having quick quality turnover everyday and that’s gonna take all the manpower we can get.

If you’re interested, shoot me an email at tjwell01@gmail.com.

–Jett Wells

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