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Editor’s Pick #303: Happy Birthday Pacman by Isabel Alcantara

PREVIEW: Watch The Go! Team’s video for “Junior Kickstart.”

Today, in 1980, the video game Pacman was released in the United States, and what a glorious day it was. So, what is everyone doing in celebration?

Google – famous for their celebratory “google doodles” – released the first ever interactive google doodle, which lets you play Pacman on the actual logo (and once you lose it takes you on a google search of Pacman’s anniversary).

Also, although “Junior Kickstart” was realeased in 2003, on The Go! Team‘s debut album- Thunder, Lightning, Strike – the video is nothing short of perfect for celebrating the glorious creation of the video game that not only became and icon of 1980s pop-culture, but also contributed for my irrational fear of colored ghost and my love of fruit.

So, happy birthday, Pacman. I hope it’s just as stressful for you as any other day in your maze.

— Isabel Alcantara, Photo Editor

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Editor’s Pick #302: The Fly’s Come Take Flyt EP by 20watts
April 30, 2010, 12:50 pm
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The Fly's first EP "Come Take Flyt" dropped today on Bandcamp. It's more than you might think

PREVIEW: VISIT The Fly’s Bandcamp and download “Come Take Flyt”

So let’s get this out of the way from the start. I really dig these guys. I’ve seen them live multiple times and I think they’re both really energetic and more creative than a lot of mainstream groups out there. That said, when Keith Smith mentioned to me that The Fly would be putting out their first EP on May 30, I thought that it would be five songs and no longer than 20 minutes. Shame on me.

Come Take Flyt clocks in at 12 tracks and 40 minutes. It’s produced by Keith Smith and showcases their best live tracks in a professional, definitive form. Above all, it could be an album in its own right, which is unbelievably refreshing. It might actually be too produced. The raw energy of their live tracks translates nicely through female vocalist Farasha Baylock’s crystal-clear Continue reading

Editor’s Pick #301: “Doe Deer” by Crystal Castles by tjwell01
April 15, 2010, 7:27 pm
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They're back, and the new sound is electric.

PREVIEW: Crystal Castles’ MySpace

LISTEN: “Doe Deer” by Crystal Castles

It’s only a short, radio-version of the song from BBC Radio 1, but if “Doe Deer” is a reliable indicator of the new Crystal Castles album coming out in June, then we’re in for something awesome and special. It’s a lot more fast-paced and bouncier than we’re normally accustomed to, and I love that! I wish the track was longer, but this is all we get for now. It leaves me craving for so much more. There were questions if this band was going to break up a while back, but after seeing them perform at All Points West last summer, there was no doubting the passion from this band. You could smell the sweat trickling from Alice Glass’ nose, and you could feel the tremors from the bass. You don’t perform like that and half-ass it, and now with this released track and fresh new tour, Crystal Castles is back for real this time. I for one am stoked. What say you?!

–Jett Wells

Editor’s Pick #300: Isa GT – Pela’o (Crookers Remix) by VPN
April 12, 2010, 10:27 pm
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Hailing from London, by way of Colombia, Isa GT is one part of the all-girl DJ crew, GIRLCORE. From playing alongside indie bloghouse gods like Diplo, Sinden, and Fake Blood (just to name a few), Isa GT’s bragging rights are more legit than any wannabe out there. Sounding like one part Bonde do Role, one part Major Lazer, with a hint of Uffie-like femininity, Crookers‘ addicting remix of Pela’o is sure to get any booty poppin. If not, you can’t help but watch this video more than once.

–Victoria Pilar Nava

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Editor’s Pick #299: PS22 Sings Beach House by JohnCassillo
April 12, 2010, 3:08 pm
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PS22 is impressive in covering "Zebra"

PREVIEW: VISIT PS22 Chorus’s Blog

Maybe the internet has removed some of the novelty of amateur cover songs, but nonetheless, this one’s worth a glance. Staten Island’s PS22 Chorus recently posted their rendition of Beach House‘s “Zebra” (off of 2010’s Teen Dream), and the results are stunning as the fifth graders manage to nearly equal the haunting beauty of the original. For kids who wouldn’t listen to Beach House otherwise, it’s no small feat.

Of course, this also isn’t the first time the chorus has tried its hand at indie music. In the past, their harmonies have also been used on Passion Pit‘s Manners (see “The Reeling,” “Little Secrets” and “Let Your Love Grow Tall”). Couple that with the mainstream hype they’ve received from covering the likes of Beyonce, Lady GaGa and Alicia Keys (among others), and it’s easy to understand how they’ve amassed over 15 million online views over the past couple of years.

Check out the video below the cut and see for yourself. Continue reading

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Editor’s Pick #298: “Shutterbug” by Big Boi by tjwell01
April 8, 2010, 12:28 pm
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Big Boi's "Shutterbug" brings the beat back from the Outkast days.

PREVIEW: Big Boi’s MySpace

LISTEN: “Shutterbug” by Big Boi

Usually I completely ignore Pitchfork’s hot new tracks, because usually they’re really obscure, pseudo-trendy crap. That said, you can find a gem anywhere, and Big Boi’s “Shutterbug” has a great beat. Outkast was a great hip-hop tandem that added quirkiness to hip-hop, and Big Boi was the brass to Ande 3000‘s quirk. I love this track because the rhymes are grizzly, but it’s also got some nice auto-tune harmonies. I forgot about Big Boi for a while, but I’ll take notice the next time around.

–Jett Wells

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Editor’s Pick #297: “Fireworks” Music Video by tjwell01
April 2, 2010, 3:22 pm
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PREVIEW: The Hoof & The Heel’s MySpace

I really love this song, and it’s the sole reason I took notice of The Hoof & The Heel. But the video? Hmmm, looks pretty, but not sure what the hell is going on. If nothing else, it’s evidence the band is progressing and maybe more people will take notice. The unsigned Montreal indie group is a hot commodity, and offers some great folk/pop range. Something tells me, however, that this band might just be another talented act that’ll never get the proper recognition.

–Jett Wells

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