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Juice Jam 2009: “In Philadelphia, a couple had sex on stage, which is relatively insane.” by 20watts
September 12, 2009, 10:48 pm
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Girl Talk tells 20 Watts

Girl Talk dishes on pop music, his first iPod and the craziest things that people have ever done at his infamous shows

You’ve seen the sweaty neon pictures.  You’ve heard the hyperactive pop culture collages that some naively call songs.  But chances are you’ve never sat down with Gregg Gillis, a.k.a. Girl Talk, to talk pop music, first iPods and the craziest sets in DJ history after one of his infamous party shows.

20 Watts’ Allison Polster caught up with Girl Talk after his show at the University of Rochester last year.

20 Watts: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

Girl Talk: On a surface level, I usually tell parents and old people that I make new music out of old pop music. I’d say simply, I kind of just collage. It’s an audio collage. I collage together a bunch of sources, layer it, chop it up and just take a bunch of familiar songs and try to create new songs out of those.

20W: Is there a certain criteria you use for songs that you put in? Do you only use songs that you actually like or just songs that fit in best? How do you decide which songs to use?

GT: Everything I use I like. I try not to use anything ironically. I’m pretty sincere about all that. I try to keep it diverse. These days I mainly listen to pop music, but going back to high school and those days, I do listen to a lot more obscure music as well. And I specifically don’t include samples from that as much just cause I like the idea of taking a very familiar thing and then manipulating and kind of playing with people’s connection to that song.

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Juice Jam 2009: Exclusive Preview Video from 20 Watts by Eric Vilas-Boas

20 Watts’ Eric Vilas-Boas and Aaron Freeder spent four hours on a cross-campus road trip, asking every student in sight to share their thoughts on this year’s Juice Jam line-up.  Over 60 students stopped to jam out and psych up for tomorrow’s start-of-term show, featuring Girl Talk, Jack’s Mannequin and the Cool Kids.  In elevators, dining halls and South Campus busses, they showed us their dance moves, their enthusiasm, and — occasionally — their total obliviousness to on-campus life.

ARE YOU IN THIS VIDEO?  Stop by 20 Watts’ Juice Jam table tomorrow — we want to shake your hand.

Check back after the show for interviews, photos and all sorts of one-of-a-kind coverage, only on 20 Watts.

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Juice Jam 2009: Replay! A Recording from Girl Talk’s May 2009 Yale University Show by Eric Vilas-Boas
September 12, 2009, 9:33 pm
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Dispel any fears you may have had of seeing Girl Talk live

Dispel any doubts you may have held of seeing Girl Talk live

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD Girl Talk’s Live Performance at Yale

Yeah, Girl Talk mashes pre-recorded music live at every show. A lot of people might be turned off by that. Fair enough; with no live instrumentation and no live singing, it’s perfectly valid to be wary. But there’s a reason for Girl Talk’s reputation, and there’s a reason that the vast majority of his concerts have been wildly successful.

True, Gregg Gillis kicks off most of his shows the same way — slowly warping electronic beats into the words “Girl Talk” may be a mainstay at almost every show that he’s done. But apart from that intro and the toilet paper blowers, the similarities end there. Gillis mixes a different set of tracks for every show, and while those may include skeletal versions of Feed the Animals, Night Ripper, or other albums he’s released in the past, the timing is consistently varied and the selections are never exactly the same.

Plus, at any given point in a Girl Talk show you’re guaranteed to be moving. You will be involved in a great communal hoedown. You will be vying for the recognition of hitting an inflatable beach ball (or whatever else might be going through the air) in your half-square-foot of maneuverability. Say what you will about the quality of the songs — nothing beats the live concert experience.

Don’t believe me?  Just listen to the recording that 20 Watts obtained from Girl Talk’s May 30 show at Yale University.  Fun is pretty much mandatory.

— Eric Vilas-Boas

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Juice Jam 2009: Anything Goes with Girl Talk by cweeks88

You never know what to expect at a Girl Talk show -- and the infamous DJ plays Syracuse University's Juice Jam on Sunday.

WATCH: Girl Talk LIVE Under the Jump

As countless YouTube cell phone videos can attest, Girl Talk shows hold the infamous distinction of being entirely unpredictable. It’s the perfect music to get drunk and dance to, so the gigs themselves can turn into madness on both sides of the stage.

For SU grad student Alex Palmer, such extreme debauchery led to a personal gig in his fraternity’s basement.

When Palmer was an undergrad at St. Louis’ Washington University two years ago, he attended a Girl Talk gig where a student got so drunk that he took his clothes off and had to be restrained by security. The student was tasered, and event staff pulled the plug on the show with half an hour left to go.

Gregg Gillis, the infamous mash-up artist otherwise known by the stage name Girl Talk, then announced that the gig was cancelled, but asked the audience if there was anywhere he could take the show.

Immediately, Palmer and his fraternity brothers in Sigma Alpha Mu yelled, “SAMMY!” Continue reading

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Juice Jam 2009: Make Your Own Damn Mash-Ups! by 20watts
September 12, 2009, 9:04 pm
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Wanna mash like Girl Talk? 20 Watts' Michael Tran tells you how.

Who would have thought to combine Ace of Base with Cassidy and Swizz Beatz? Or Metallica with Lil Mama? Or even Lil Kim with MGMT? Just ask Pittsburgh-based mash-up artist Girl Talk or Chicago-based duo The Hood Internet.

Most songs are made of two tracks: instrumental and vocal or a cappella. A mash-up, however, takes a bunch of different tracks from different songs and artists, reengineering or “mashing” them into completely new music.

If you are dying to make some serious ear candy or a Frankenstein-like creation that may ruin music for yourself or others, follow these three easy steps. Just watch out for copyright laws; sampling sans permission has landed Girl Talk in court more than once.

1. Invest in a digital audio editor program. Wanna make magic like Girl Talk and The Hood Internet? Invest in the ever-so-easy-on-the-wallet program Adobe Audition, formerly known as Cool Edit Pro. It’s pricey ($350.00), but if you really want to cut and paste music effectively and efficiently, this is the way to go. Sorry folks, but Mac OSX’s Garage Band won’t help you on this one – you can’t adjust the tempo of samples imported into Garage Band.

2. Find your instrumental and a cappella tracks. Use Audition to rip the instrumental track from one of your favorite songs, and then just cut, paste and loop the track as desired. A cappellas are a little trickier, as they can’t be isolated in Audition like instrumentals can; the vocal tracks for most of your favorite songs can, however, be found through a Google search.

3. Put it together. Use Audition to speed up, slow down and coordinate your tracks, adjusting the tempo and timing as desired. Add effects like reverb, delay and fade, and voila! You’re ready to rock both the club and court circuits.

— Michael Tran
This story originally appeared in the May 2009 issue of 20 Watts.

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‘Cuse Kids at the Girl Talk/SPIN Party by tjwell01

SPINThis is a photo taken by Brooklyn Vegan at the contest-winner only Girl Talk concert, and front and center are ‘Cuse alums Nathan Mattise and Michael Smith. Apparently they won tickets to the private Girl Talk Concert on May 28th in Manhattan, NY, hosted by SPIN Magazine and Canon.

–Jett Wells, Reviews Editor


Editor’s Pick #120: Girl Talk at Cornell Goes Viral by tjwell01

I was swamped in homework at Bird, but took a YouTube spin and decided to see if there were videos from the Girl Talk Concert at Cornell. Turns out I was right. This video has decent quality and shows where I was at the event. If you look closely to the left part of the screen, you might see flashes of neon green gloves waving in the air. Yes, I think I’m on YouTube.

I forgot all about the Shout! part of the concert. Everyone got on their knees. It was so funny.

– Jett Wells, Co-Reviews Editor


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