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20 Watts Video: Meet Nick Cicero by tjwell01
April 11, 2010, 11:39 pm
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PREVIEW: Nick Cicero’s MySpace

Nick Cicero is a musical phenom on campus, and no one knows it. He’s a hustler in the competitive world of hip-hop, and he loves every minute of it. He’s a shape-shifter too; he makes beats, sells them, and collaborates with big-time and small artists. Call him driven, call him determined–whatever it is, it speaks to him. Currently, he’s a grad student studying at Newhouse in advertising. He’s been actively working with Myles P and Delirium, who are also young risers themselves.

–Jett Wells

20 Watts Reviews Mouth’s Cradle’s The Next Big Thing by tjwell01

20 Watts Reviews Mouth's Cradle's The Next Big Thing and gives it 17 out of 20 Watts

PREVIEW: Mouth’s Cradle’s MySpace

WE GIVE IT: 17/20 Watts

DOWNLOAD: The Next Big Thing on iTunes

LISTEN: “Show Me Off” by Mouth’s Cradle

These days, greatness seems to come in pairs. Enter Mouth’s Cradle and the final product they’ve been sweating over for months, The Next Big Thing.

The album starts off with a song with a great story, “Ghosts.” Brandon Linn, Mouth’s Cradle’s DJ half, says he thought of the song the exact day before Michael Jackson died when he dreamed he saw a ghost in his room. You can’t make this stuff up. “Ghosts,” secretly Linn’s and Kevin Hegedus’ favorite track on the album, sets the tone with hard thumps and catchy ring tones. Linn’s a master of stringing odd noises and flipping them into head-banging beats, and “Ghosts” floats and rips catchy beats alongside Hegedus’s trademark high-pitch rhymes.

Very smoothly, Mouth’s Cradle takes it down a few notches with their famous “Princess of the Beatz,” which loops several vocal tracks all from Hegedus and a strumming acoustic guitar. The iconic sounds in this album don’t stop there though, as the single “Honey from a Stone” picks it up with fast-paced drum and piano keys.

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20 Watts Video: Sunrise/Sunset Retold by tjwell01

Last Friday on Feb. 26, O,Morning Records continued its campus-wide reign of showcasing SU’s musical talent, but this time we got it on tape. The night raged hard with a stockpile of talent, including Sarah Aument, Emmery Brakke, The Northbound Traveling Minstrel Jug Band, The Fly, Liz Lewis and The World Record Players. Aside from the performances, the house was packed with laughs and good times. Relive the moments through the music of the one of the bands, The Northbound Traveling Minstrel Jug Band.

–Irina Dvalidze

20 Watts Video Presents The Fly by tjwell01

PREVIEW: The Fly’s Vimeo Page

Even ice-cold Syracuse University has a little sizzle and spice, and The Fly are just that. This misfit group of hip-hop/R&B specialists provide a much-needed blend of contrasting style for the SU music scene. It’s not folk and definitely not remixed–it’s straight soul, power and urban rhythm. Led by the sassy and highly talented Keith Smith and Farasha Baylock, The Fly are a must-hear-now kind of act. Watch this video and you’ll see what kind of attitude and savvy dance moves they bring to the stage. Also, stay tuned for this Thursday’s live sit-down with The Fly on 20 Watts Radio!

–Jett Wells + Irina Dvalidze

UU confirms Drake will headline Syracuse University’s Block Party 2010 by caitlindewey

Drake is coming to Syracuse!

PREVIEW: VISIT Drake’s MySpace

20 Watts called it a week ago and University Union just confirmed: in a press release distributed to campus media outlets early this morning (with the exception of the Daily Orange, of course, which inexplicably gets special treatment), UU public relations director Brittany Frederickson revealed that Drake will in fact be headlining Block Party 2010.

Openers include Francis & The Lights, K-OS and a “special guest” to be announced later in the semester. The concert will be on Friday April 30 at 8 p.m. in the Carrier Dome; tickets are $15 for students and $25 for the general public.

20 Watts broke the news on February 18 after Drake announced a stop in Syracuse via his Myspace. At the time, SU grad student and producer Nick Cicero, who is signed to the same label as Drake’s producer, said that the rapper was “supposed to be coming” but that it wasn’t “uber-official” yet.

Drake’s last release was the mixtape The Drought is Over: Friends with Money, which 20 Watts’ reviews editor John Cassillo gave a 13 out of 20 watts.

20 Watts will continue reporting on the spring semester concert schedule as information becomes available.

— Caitlin Dewey

ISSUE 20 | Sound-Alike: Delirium by Irina Dvalidze
February 22, 2010, 6:41 pm
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Marcus Neal aka Delirium, may seem like an ordinary  SU freshman at a first glance but there is much more to this Jersey native than meets the eye. Looks like he has been taking the campus by storm since he stepped first  his foot at SU. You’ve read about him in our Sound-Alikes section so now its time you give him a listen and check out what he has to say about his music, his inspirations and hopes for the future.

— Video by Paris Peckerman

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20 Watts Video: First Date With…The Biggest Hands You’ve Ever Seen by tjwell01

PREVIEW: 20 Watts’ First Episode of “First Date” with Erica Scarano.

After watching these guys open up for The Static Jacks a couple weeks ago at Funk N’ Waffles, 20 Watts couldn’t help but steal a chance to talk with The Biggest Hands You’ve Ever Seen for the second installment of the “First Date” series. These jokers dished on their abnormal influences and playing blues at Syracuse University.

–Produced by Jett Wells and Irina Dvalidze

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