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This is in response to the e-mail requesting writers. I happen to enjoy writing…and classic rock. If you need anything, let me know.


Comment by Madison Schmakel

This is a reply to the e-mail looking for writers – a freshman mag major, and I’m interested in music writing. I’d love to cover album releases or upcoming artists, just throw something at me!


Comment by Roxanne Broda-Blake

This is a reply to the e-mail looking for TRF majors to assist. I’m a junior TRF major and would love to participate.

Comment by Devin

I am a sophomore TRF major with a passion for music. I would love to get involved with writing or a multimedia aspect.

Comment by Jamian

Hey Caitlin – I am interested in writing for 20 Watts, let me know if you need anything. Thanks!

Comment by Samantha Hayden

Hi Caitlin,

I just received the email requesting writers for the 20 Watts blog. I’m a freshman magazine major and love to write and talk about all things music. I would greatly enjoy writing for 20 Watts.


Comment by Mike Estabrook

i’m interested.

Comment by Tuan Le

Hi, I’m definitely interested in shooting for the magazine. I’m a sophomore photojournalism major and would love to do some projects for you guys.

Comment by Michael Santaniello


I received your e-mail and am interested in contributing to the blog! I’m a freshman TRF major and am passionate about music. I’m up for anything!

~ Jamie

Comment by Jamie Kapili

Hi Caitlin I am defiantly interested in being a photographer or videographer for 20 watts.


Comment by Jeff

I’m definitely interested in writing a blog for 20 watts. Although I am not a mag major, I do have background in writing and I also have background in Video Production. I also am a PR major, so I’ll be happy to promote 20 watts as well.

Comment by Tiara Green

Hey i’m a freshman TRF major and would love to get involved in any way– even with layout design or other creative aspects of the magazine

Comment by Sophia

I’d love to write an opinion blog or review older hip hop and rock albums, if that can help out the team.

Comment by Alex Haederle

I am a senior magazine major and I would love to blog about new music, emerging artists, and the industry. I am all about chasing the new artists out there and I love expanding my music horizons. I’m taking a web journalism class at the moment and am really interested in getting more involved with the web.

Comment by Renee Orenstein

I am a senior photojournalism major. My blog is a bit lacking but I do have photos from moe.down this past labor day. I am definitely interested in doing any photography (live performances and portrait shots) for the magazine!

Comment by Laura Dobler

Just got an email that said you were looking for writers. I am a freshman newspaper major, and I am really interested in music and would love to write for you guys. Let me know more.

Comment by Rebecca Kheel

hey caitlin, its jada – we met at the naphi’s and then at the jerk gim.

id really love to blog abt music and doing album reviews. if thats taken, id still be interested in writing for 20watts, lemme know if theres a position open?

thanks 🙂

Comment by jada wong

Hey, I just got an email saying you were looking for writers and videographers. I’d be interested in writing and video (I don’t have any formal experience yet, but I’m a photographer for Citrus TV, so I’ll be getting some soon)


Comment by Bill Sharp

Hi Caitlin,

Just wanted to express my interest in writing for 20 Watts. I’ve contributed to the magazine before, and run the music review section at the D.O., so I feel it’d be a good fit. Let me know what you have open!


Comment by Dan Kaplan

hi caitlin,

I’m not a photo major but i do photography on the side. Let me know if you’re looking for more photographers!


Comment by kris alcantara

I am a sophmore photoJ major and I’d love to get involved with the magazine. Let me know what I can do.


Comment by Alex Pines

Hi, im a sophomore in the bandier program and interested in blogging for 20 watts! let me know what i can do please!!

Comment by Rachel Helman


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Comment by Rudy

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Comment by Riff Raters

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