20 Watts

The 20.3: Christian Hardcore Pt. 1

Norma Jean

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ZaoWhere Blood And Fire Bring Rest

What can you say about Zao that hasn’t already been said? They’re underground heroes and the forefathers of current Christian metal. This was their first album with vocalist Dan Weyandt, and it’s their best. The music is fast, heavy, thrash metal, but the lyrics are beautiful and poetic. Weyandt isn’t afraid to talk about his personal failures (“For A Fair Desire”), loss of a loved one (“A Fall Farwell”) and God’s forgiveness (“Fifteen Rhema”). Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest is a textbook example of what Christian hardcore should be.
>>Key Track: “Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears”

Norma JeanBless The Martyr & Kiss The Child

Norma Jean is loud, heavy and straight up crazy. This was their first release: spastic, full of feedback and one of the craziest releases you’ll ever hear. But within all of that, there’s something compelling and beautiful. The song “Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste” is a perfect example of what hardcore should be. It’s loud, aggressive and even features mewithoutYou’s Aaron Weiss singing overtop Josh Scogin’s barbaric screams in the breakdown. Within the scene, Bless the Martyr is a landmark album.
>>Key Track: “Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste”

As I Lay DyingFrail Words Collapse

With a near-constant fury of double bass pounding your speakers into submission, Frail Words Collapse will surely please anyone who’s into metal. Featuring one of the best singers in metal, Tim Lambesis, and probably the best drummer in metal, Jordan Mancino, As I Lay Dying take metal to places that few bands can even approach. The album’s first song, “94 Hours,” lets listeners know exactly what they’re getting into: technical guitar riffs, incredible drumming and a scream that would frighten Freddy Krueger.
>>Key Track: “94 Hours”

UnderoathThe Changing Of Times

The Changing Of Times opens with a 25-second synth intro, which quickly gives way to the raspy scream of original lead singer Dallas Taylor. The incredible synth work scattered throughout the rest of the album has been a huge influence on bands like The Devil Wears Prada and Enter Shikari. Mixing the clean vocals of drummer Aaron Gillespie with the screaming vocals of Taylor was another trademark of The Changing Of Times that other bands like Emery and Dance Gavin Dance soon adopted.
>>Key Track: “The Changing Of Times”

Nodes Of RanvierLost Senses, More Innocence

Aside from getting bonus points for having a really cool name, Nodes Of Ranvier was a great metalcore band, and they showed the world what melodic hardcore was all about. Even though Lost Senses, More Innocence isn’t their most polished work, there’s something about it that makes it stand out. On Lost Senses, the band mixes in-your-face guitar riffs, stunning melodies, passionate screaming, beautiful singing and sections of straight spoken lyrics. Few bands could mix all of these separate elements together, but Nodes of Ranvier pulled it off.
>>Key Track: “Do You Wanna Dance?”



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Amazing! some of the best bands, great to have them all together here and find some new ones, im so excited to check them out!

Comment by Leigh Ann

It appears I have some work to do- I need to check out some of these bands! Great job on bringing to front the best aspects of these bands and their work! Can’t wait to read more!

Comment by Emma

Fantastic list. But I think It needs to be updated

Comment by Jonathan

Handy info. Fortuitous myself I stumbled upon your website unintentionally, that i’m amazed the key reason why that accident couldn’t took place previously! My partner and i book-marked that.

Comment by dunhill pipes

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