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The Digital Divide: Syracuse University’s audio archives are among the world’s best, but they’re struggling to get online (Pt. 3)

The class also remade the SU fight song. Ethan Rothschild and Greg Mathurin are on the – yes – electric guitars. With a jacked-up tempo and added energy, the song sounds more like “Welcome to the Jungle” than “Wel come Class of 2013,” and it’s been featured on ESPN.

“You should write about how awesome the guitars are,” Rothschild says. The guitars are pretty awesome.

For another student, the Belfer Lab is already a source of modest income. Kevin Muldoon’s band White After Labor Day nets about $30 a month from a record they made there, he says.

Muldoon, a senior music industry major, wants to work in the recording industry and says his work at Belfer has helped.

“It’s like second nature at this point,” Mul doon says. At the beginning of his career, he’s “still going to be going to get coffee, and clean ing up, and answering phones, but when you’re in the right moment at the right time you still gotta be able to know what you’re doing.”

He is a teacher’s assistant for Rezak’s music industry class and also works on his own proj ects for a related independent study course.

The equipment is great, Muldoon says, but access to the lab can be tricky. You have to pass through two locked doors to even start getting close to some of the artifacts or any of the recording equipment.

Since July, Quimby has been working on that problem. It’s all about rebranding, he says: between the digitalization process and the projects of classes like MUI 320, the Belfer Lab should soon be more accessible, and more recognizable, to everyone on campus.

“The fact is, this is a unique collection here,” he says. “I think there’s mileage to be gained to say that Syracuse is internationally known for this collection, should be better known for this collection.

“Will we be known as much … for Edison cylinders as we are for basketball? Probably not. But in some ways we should be, because we’re not the second-best basketball team in the country every year.”


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