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20 Watts Radio: Saturday Nov. 21 by 20watts
20 Watts

20 Watts played Annie, Elephant 6 and more on WERW

Eric, Chris, Caitlin AND special guest Mary are in the studio this evening!  We’re playing an hour of new music, an hour of Elephant 6 and an hour of local music.  Tune in by clicking this link — we’ll be here until 1!

Want to talk to us or request a song? IM werw1570, tweet @20_watts or call (315) 443-1278.

New tracks are in bold, local artists are italicized.

And don’t forget to tune in to 20 Watts’ Audiocandy+ shows on Wednesday and Thursday from 9-11 p.m.!

Title: My Love Is Better [16/20 watts — read the review]
Artist: Annie
Album: Don’t Stop

Title: Me Against the Music
Artist: Britney Spears and Madonna
Album: Greatest Hits

Title: XR2
Artist: M.I.A.
Album: Kala

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20 Watts Reviews 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct by JohnCassillo
November 17, 2009, 12:00 am
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50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct starts strong, but ultimately falls short

PREVIEW: VISIT 50 Cent’s Myspace
WE GIVE IT: 14/20 Watts

Within seconds of the start of “The Invitation,” you can’t help but feel like something has fundamentally changed about 50 Cent. Emotional, gruff and almost angry, the rapper responsible for one of the biggest hits of the decade, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, sounds like he has something to prove.

And truth be told, he does. Since the landmark release of Get Rich, 50’s released a series of duds that have simply paled in comparison. Combined with an ever-evolving popular hip-hop scene now centered around nemeses Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne, the past few years have threatened to plunge him into relative obscurity.

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50 Cent Busy with Weird Projects by tjwell01
May 14, 2009, 12:26 pm
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50-cent-steroids50 Cent is up to something fishy these days. Long gone are the days of “Partyn’ in the Club,” and now are the days of singing with Bette Midler and acting as Mr. Hyde.

According to a report from SPIN.com, 50 Cent and Bette Midler are good buddies from working together for an environmental group, and are now planning to record together…(WTF?)

“Little Jewish Lady and the great big rapper. He’s such a doll,” Midler said.

Good luck with that one.

In other news, according to Variety.com, he and Forest Whitaker are pairing up to make a new Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movie, directed by Abel Ferrara. I wonder who Mr. Hyde will be? Hmmmmm.

That movie sounds awful, but that recording duo sounds even worse. What’s going on with this guy? Not that I ever respected him; this is just borderline psychotic.

–Jett Wells, Reviews Editor

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Editor’s Pick #90: Cleveland is the CIty by alpolste

While I was home in Cleveland over break, I remembered how much I loved the music coming out of Cleveland right now! Clevelander Kid Cudi recently hit it big with “Day ‘N’ Nite.” But two other artists, Alex Fitts and Matt Penttila, who make up the group The Kickdrums have been making leaps behind the scenes and are now finally coming into the spotlight. The duo produced and remixed countless songs for rappers 50 Cent, Chamillionaire, Yung Joc, and Talib Kweli as well as fellow Clevelanders Kid Cudi and Ray Cash. Their new album, Just A Game EP, comes out soon. Their first single (already available online), “Just A Game,” has a completely unexpected sound that breaks away from their typical hip-hop work. This album is truly their own; Just A Game EP is the first album where the duo really perform by themselves rather than just produce tracks for other artists. 

A track off an old album, Smash the System: “Do Ya Job” featuring Ray Cash and Scarface:



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Editor’s Pick #77: Paul Harris by alpolste
March 2, 2009, 10:38 pm
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In honor of the SU basketball team’s win on Sunday against Cincinnati, I thought this incredible video needed to be shared! In the video, Paul Harris proves that he can do more than dunk as we get a glimpse of how Harris spends his time off the court. His attempt at a 50 Cent music video in his South Campus apartment is purely irresistible. The guest appearances from his friends “Sexy Dex” and “Rudy” and the apartment-tour throughout the video are priceless. What would we do without him?

-Allison Polster, co-copy editor