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PREVIEW: LISTEN to Free People’s “Wintry Mix”

Well, we almost made it through an entire semester with no snow, but according to this week’s weather forecast, that dream will soon become a distant memory. I don’t know about you, but Syracuse’s constant gray skies and inches of snow blowing in my face sort of put a damper on my day. If you’re the same way, pop in your headphones and listen to Free People’s “Wintry Mix” playlist. The 15 winter-themed tracks will help you actually enjoy the mounds of snow, and make you feel as though you’re living in a winter wonderland– not a sub-zero ice box.

What’s best about the playlist is that it’s a truly eclectic mix of music. There’s classic rock, indie rock and even a bit of 90s and Bob Marley thrown in. And what’s even better than the array of artists? Free People made sure to put together songs that represented the winter season in general, as well as the holidays. So instead of going crazy listening to the same Christmas songs over and over again on the radio, listen to “Wintry Mix” on your way to class and enjoy the extreme weather that you’ll be experiencing until April.

–Dana Mikaelian, Communications Director


Throwbacks: I’ll Have Some Blossoms With My Gin by cweeks88

These guys must have performed at Central Perk

These guys could have performed at Central Perk

PREVIEW: Gin Blossoms “Found Out About You” MP3

The ’90s were just as self-absorbed as the ’80s were, but at least we had a Democrat in office — and we had bands like Gin Blossoms. These guys were just one of many alternative rock bands from the 1990s that were never distinct enough to make their mark, but still qualify as legitimate musical comfort food. In “Found Out About You,” Gin Blossoms sound like a poor man’s R.E.M. with the melodic-yet-simple bass line, the chiming Buck-ish guitar licks and the double-tracked Stipe-esque vocal harmonies.

They never played music regarded as genius. However, there is something charmingly ordinary about this song as their words piece together innocent imagery and settings of “last summer” and “nights out in the school yards” all leading to the recurring title line about what is presumably infidelity — not exactly the most original lyrics or themes.

In the pile of repetitive knock-offs that have permeated music throughout the decades, Gin Blossoms find a perfect balance. They’re listenable and not even a guilty pleasure.

— Charlie Weeks

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