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Editor’s Pick #294: New Charles Hamilton by tjwell01
March 23, 2010, 5:59 pm
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Charles Hamilton slips back into the picture with hot new track, "Deuces."

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LISTEN: “Deuces” by Charles Hamilton

Charles Hamilton is a workaholic hip-hop phenom that never quite breaks into a groove, but he loves making mixtapes. His latest featuring “Deuces” is a keeper. I first took notice of this MC when he first released “Brooklyn Girls” a year ago. Since then, I just waited for Hamilton to take the throne that was rightfully his. He’s a talented geek who loves rapping about video games and girls in New York, and I relate to him because he doesn’t pretend to be anyone else other than himself–and that’s pretty hard to accomplish in hip-hop when there’s pressure to come like a gangster all the time. I love the beat of “Deuces,” and it just makes me wonder when he will, if ever, release an album. When, Hamilton, WHEN???!

–Jett Wells

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Drake, Rye-Rye and Mr. Hudson — The Next Generation of Radio Stars by tjwell01
July 7, 2009, 1:29 pm
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Drake is one of three new pop artists with big breakthrough potential

Drake is one of three new pop artists with big breakthrough potential

The music industry flushes talent in and out faster than you can say “cash money.”

It seemed only yesterday that Kanye and Lady Gaga blew up and started ruling pop music, and now new artists are crashing onto the scene with fresh sounds and links to big names like Jay-Z, Kanye and M.I.A.

Don’t blink, because pop’s next generation is already in the making.

1) Drake

The cat’s already out of the bag on this kid, but he’s just breaking out onto the mainstream scene. Drake, a.k.a. Jimmy from Degrassi, is set to become the next big emcee, and he’s got the right company to support him. He’s had Jay-Z and Kanye work with him in the studio and it shows. Drake’s hit single “Best I Ever Had” is rocketing up the charts, and he just signed onto Lil’ Wayne’s label “Cash Money”.

2) Rye Rye

The first artist to sign to M.I.A.‘s N.E.E.T. label, Rye Rye is essentially a grungier, faster-paced version of M.I.A.  — with the chops and talent to eclipse Santigold as the best in American indie rap.  Her debut album was supposed to drop in March, but has been postponed for unknown reasons; her new single, “Bang” was just released this week.  Be sure to check her out at the upcoming All Points West Festival.

3) Mr. Hudson

He’s not as young as Drake and Rye Rye, but his lyrics  and Sting-like appearance were good enough for Kanye West. West pulled Hudson from the U.K. after the two hit it off in a Hawaii studio project. Check out his new single “Supernova.” It’s not hip-hop, but with his auto-tune flows and Coldplay-like  lyrics, Mr. Hudson could become a household name.

–Jett Wells, Editor-in-Chief