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Mix Fix: “Burial” by Miike Snow (Benny Blanco Remix) by tjwell01
March 30, 2010, 12:15 pm
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Pregame with this Miike Snow remix before tonight's show

PREVIEW THE DJ: Benny Blanco’s MySpace

LISTEN: “Burial” by Miike Snow (Benny Blanco Remix)

I admit straight off that I’m not the biggest Miike Snow fan, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like a remix of their work, like this Benny Blanco piece. I’m going to tonight’s Miike Snow concert in the Schine Underground at 8 p.m., and I figured why not do a search for the best Miike Snow remix—and voila! The remix still doesn’t turn Miike Snow into a heart-pumping club artist, but it adds some creatively light-hearted elements you don’t see enough in Miike Snow. I always got a moody vibe from Miike Snow, and this remix makes the music seem more light on its feet.

On an unrelated side note: how funny is it that just after Delorean bailed out of opening for Miike Snow, they’re the hot indie artists of the week on music blogs? Irony’s a bitch.

Also, stay tuned for post-coverage of tonight’s concert!

–Jett Wells

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News of Note: OK Go to play Ithaca, NY on April 25th by tjwell01
February 28, 2010, 10:32 pm
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Ithaca concert promoter, Dan Smalls, announced on Twitter that OK Go will perform in Ithaca, NY at The Haunt on April 25th

PREVIEW: OK Go’s MySpace

Local Ithaca, NY concert promoter, Dan Smalls, announced on Twitter that OK Go will perform in the city on April 25th, open to all ages.  The venue was later announced as The Haunt. Dan Smalls is well-known for bringing in quality talents to the small Central New York culture hub. Last time I saw a Dan Smalls concert, St. Vincent played at Castaways. I say it again: this semester’s concert season keeps getting better. OK Go is absolutely electric live, and I will undoubtedly see this show.

–Jett Wells

20 Watts Video: Bears in America @ The Jabberwocky Cafe by tjwell01

PREVIEW: VISIT Bears in America’s MySpace

For a small quiet room underneath the Schine Student Center, the Jabberwocky Cafe was full of soul and life last night–thanks to Bears in America and Emmery Brakke. Few people came out, but the dimly lit room wasn’t trying to pretend it was Madison Square Garden. Last night’s Artists on the Brink showcase spotlighted the two local campus acts, and it was a quiet, calming experience. Serene humming and gentle acoustic guitar chords soaked up the still air. Although Bears in America capped the night, Brakke stood out with an amazing voice. Be sure to check her out this Friday at O,Morning Records’ Sunrise/Sunset event, which includes Sarah Aument, The Fly, The World Record Players and Northbound Traveling Minstrel Jug Band.

–Jett Wells

Play It by Ear Haiti Benefit Show @ Funk N’ Waffles by 20watts

Liz Lewis playing at Funk 'n' Waffles last night; larger photos below!

PREVIEW: LISTEN to Drink Up Buttercup, Liz Lewis and New Relic on MySpace
GIVE: DONATE a contribution to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

You walk into Funk N’ Waffles and the coffee shop is cramped past the legal limit. With hardly any standing room, much less an open seat, the bands that played at Funk last night did so to a packed show. Whether they were standing in the back or sitting close up front, concert-goers listened intently to the performers voices, guitar noodling, keyboard manipulation and other forms of music-making, whether it involved cellos or garbage cans. The eclectic acts and cozy atmosphere made the Haiti charity event a great success Friday night.

Erica Scarano, Sarah Detweiler, Aaron Gittleman, Liz Lewis, Keith Smith (with Stephen Babcock), One of Three, New Relic, Ryan Whitman and Drink Up Buttercup filled the elevated stage between the hours of 7 and 11:30 p.m. Each artist performed just a few songs, ranging in genres and message. Appropriate to the benefit show’s nature, the only consistent theme of the night was the universal camaraderie shared by the performers and the audience. Continue reading

20 Watts Video: Gang Gang Dance @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (1/15/10) by tjwell01

PREVIEW: Gang Gang Dance’s MySpace

It’s not everyday I totally misread a band, but then I have one of those brain fart moments, like when I saw Gang Gang Dance at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. For some reason, I thought I was walking into a techno-mashup DJ party, but it turned out to be more like a tribal rain dance festival. The crowd was swerving and jiving like it was the summer of 1969, and the whole time I felt like I was missing out on the psychedelics evidently being passed around. No matter, because even though the concert was a bit dull, it was fascinating to watch–especially their fidgety hipster mascot wearing the wool mask.

–Jett Wells

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Concert Review: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart by kayzimbo

Photo: Kelly Sullan

Photo: Kelly Sullan

Photo: Kelly Sullan

Photo: Kelly Sullan

I found out yesterday afternoon that The Pains of Being Pure at Heart were playing at the Bug Jar in Rochester. At first, I was unsure of how I could get to the show since I don’t have a car, but once the thought of missing it crossed my mind, I realized there was no way i could stay in Syracuse while this show was happening in a neighboring city. I figured out a way to get to there and left a few a hours after I found out it was even happening. I was able to sit down and talk with them before their set (they were awesome – the interview will be be posted on 20Watts in the future!) and stay to see the entire show, which was definitely worth the trip but not as amazing as I expected.

Their self-titled debut album, released on February 2, 2009 on Slumberland Records, was the main chunk of their set, although they performed one song that will be released as a single on a 7 inch this summer. This album has been playing in my head since I downloaded it, so I was really excited to finally see them perform it live since I had already missed them once in NYC. From the very first note of the show, the POBPAH’s signature sound, straight up pop that is obviously influenced by the great indie bands of the early 90’s, blared from the speakers. I had never been to the Bug Jar before, and while the environment is creatively enjoyable and the setup of the venue itself makes it a great place to see a concert, the sound wasn’t that incredible. The band brought their own sound guy, which you would think would improve the quality of the show, but there was definitely much left to be desired. Continue reading