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News of Note: Matt and Kim @ Hamilton College on April 10 by tjwell01

Hamilton reels in another big name indie artist in Matt and Kim.

PREVIEW THE ARTIST: Matt and Kim’s MySpace

PREVIEW THE EVENT: Matt and Kim @ Hamilton College

Hamilton College pretty much solidifies its reputation as an indie-rock college, now that they’ve booked Matt and Kim for April 10th at The Annex. Earlier this semester they booked YACHT and MNDR, and have also nabbed Passion Pit, The Dirty Projectors and Dan Deacon for May 7th. I’ve seen Matt and Kim twice, and they’re a fun show overall. The opening acts are The Death Set and Downbeat Keys.

–Jett Wells

20 Watts Reviews Xiu Xiu’s Dear God, I Hate Myself by ambiguitron

Xiu Xiu's latest release is a virtuoso freakshow of sound and rhythm.

PREVIEW: VISIT Xiu Xiu’s Myspace
WE GIVE IT: 16/20 Watts

The unique thing about Xiu Xiu‘s sound is just how damaged it feels. Not damaged in the sense of recording quality, but rather damaged in the emotional, even spiritual feeling of their songs. With Xiu Xiu, nothing is ever safe or stable. One could say that the group sounds like how post-traumatic stress disorder feels.

From their self-deprecating lyrics to the haunting moan of Jamie Stewart’s vocals, all of the tracks on Xiu Xiu’s latest release, Dear God, I Hate Myself evoke the sensation of a person who is desperately trying to hold himself together, only to inevitably collapse back in on himself for the hundredth time. Continue reading

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News of Note: Passion Pit + Dirty Projectors @ Hamilton College by tjwell01
February 14, 2010, 1:15 am
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The Dirty Projectors, Passion Pit and Dan Deacon will perform at Hamilton College on May 7th at 2 p.m.

PREVIEW: The Dirty Projector’s MySpace, Passion Pit’s MySpace and Dan Deacon’s MySpace

While waiting for MNDR to open up before tonight’s much anticipated YACHT concert at Hamilton College,  Travis Rosenblatt, a representative from the Campus Activities Board, passed along some amazing news: Passion Pit, The Dirty Projectors AND Dan Deacon are scheduled to perform at the school on May 7th at 2 p.m.. The school doesn’t even know about this yet, but they’ll find out soon like the rest of Central New York. It’s an all-star lineup and shouldn’t be anything short of spectacular. Excited yet?

–Jett Wells

Spring CNY Concert Season by tjwell01

Neon Indian is just one of many great upcoming concerts scheduled for CNY

The Spring Central New York concert lineup is turning out to be pretty legendary. Don’t have a car? Carpool with some friends, because star-studded gigs like these don’t come every year when you’re stuck on the banks of the Erie Canal. The highlights are everywhere, whether it’s Neon Indian and Passion Pit in Buffalo, or Sleigh Bells in Syracuse or The Flaming Lips in Ithaca.


Cold Cave @ Mohawk Place (2/21)

Cursive @ Mowhawk Place (3/7)

Free Energy @ Big Orbit Soundlab Space (3/10)

YACHT w/ MNDR @ Big Orbit Soundlab Space (3/7)

Neon Indian @ Big Orbit Soundlab Space (3/12)

Passion Pit @ Town Ballroom (3/28)

Bassnectar @ The Tralf Music Hall (4/20)

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Editor’s Pick #186: Air Waves by carlywolkoff
October 2, 2009, 7:19 pm
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Brooklyn band, Air Waves is expected to release their debut album this fall

Brooklyn band, Air Waves is expected to follow up the release of their stellar EP with a full-length debut this fall.

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD Air Waves’ “Shine On” MP3

When asked why her band name Air Waves is spelled as two words rather than one, singer, Nicole Schneit responds, “If it’s one word, it’s the transmission of sound. If it’s two words, it’s just the air and the water.”  Like the elements, Air Waves’ sound is familiar, but more comforting than hackneyed — or, as Dan Deacon better puts it, “The music [Nicole] writes is like a favorite blanket wrapped around you.”

Evolving from Nicole Schneit’s singer-songwriter career, Air Waves is now a three-person band.  Schneit’s pre-pubescent boy-like voice is reminiscent of Kimya Dawson, except far less cutesy and annoying.  It adds a childlike innocence to their music, especially in the already playful “Shine On.”  Download Air Waves’ 5-song EP, or check them out at one of their many upcoming Brooklyn performances.

— Carly Wolkoff, Managing Editor

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New Breakfast at Sullimay’s features Wilco, Dirty Projectors by caitlindewey

My grandmother hasn’t acknowledged the existence of an album since Frank Sinatra’s Nice ‘n’ Easy.  Thus, the idea of her listening to the latest from Beirut, Common or Yo La Tengo isn’t just comical — it’s downright ridiculous.  It’s also the concept behind Breakfast at Sulimay’s, a video blog/online television series that you (and your grandma) are gonna want to check out, if you haven’t already.

From the corner of what appears to be a B-grade suburban diner, three lovable senior citizens don headphones, jam to the latest from the likes of Andrew Bird, Matt & Kim and Bat for Lashes, and deliver their ruling on the tracks.

My grandmother would surely grimace and pronounce that Dan Deacon’s “Snookered” was in headache-inducing poor taste.

Joe, Ann and Bill are totally down, though — they love Dan Deacon!  They love Eminem!  And of the latest from Grizzly Bear, they say:

“Is this… English?”

Priceless!  Youth is wasted on the young.

— Caitlin Dewey

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