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Mix Fix: “O.N.E.” by Yeasayer (Mouth’s Cradle Remix) by tjwell01
April 24, 2010, 7:13 pm
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SU's very own Mouth's Cradle is competing in a Yeasayer remix contest.

PREVIEW THE DJ: Mouth’s Cradle’s MySpace

LISTEN: “O.N.E” (Mouth’s Cradle Remix)

You’ve gotta hand it to Mouth’s Cradle for keeping their foot on the gas pedal after releasing their LP, The Next Big Thing. Brandon Linn is staying busy by entering into this remix contest for best remix of “O.N.E.” by Yeasayer. Linn brings an interesting Discovery approach to the song, while mixing in a jazz interlude. Linn loves the jazz interlude. He mixed it with a remix he did of The Smash Brothers’ “Maverick.” Take a second and support Mouth’s Cradle, and vote on their remix.

–Jett Wells

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Listen: Download the full show right here

Preview: Make sure you check out Audiocandyradio.com

It is Thursday night and 20 Watts Radio is on Audiocandy. Make sure you tune in and don’t miss out on our great selection of awesome tunes.  We have some cool news happening at 20 Watts you simply cant miss. We are gonna give you a run down on some local shows that will be happening this weekend. Also, today most of the 20 Watts staff is sitting in on a massive production meeting, making our lovely blog impeccably ready for the transition to our forthcoming official web page. So to make their night of hard work a little more fun, we will be playing some of staff favorites on top of the best local music here in Cuse. Not to mention if you wanna request a song, all you need to do it tweet at you host here. So make sure to join 20 Watts on Auodiocandy 10 pm sharp. To tune in Click Here.

1. Idioteque – Radiohead
2. You and I – Wilco
3. Development – Tiny Vipers
4. Boy Toy – Starfucker
5. Do You – Portugal. The Man
6. My 1st Song (Clark Gable) – DJ Consequence
7. Daylight – Matt and Kim
8. Knotty Pine (with David Byrne) – Dirty Projectors
9. The Air – The Rural Alberta Advantage
10. The Charles C. Leary – Devendra Banhart
11. Holland, 1945 – Neutral Milk Hotel
12. I Don’t Want to Get Over You – The Magnetic Fields
13. Just Can’t Get Enough – Nouvelle Vague
14. Aerodynamic – Daft Punk
15. Swing Tree – Discovery
16. Falling From The Sun – The Album Leaf
17. Change of Heart – El Perro del Mar
18. In Your Heart – A Place to Bury Strangers
19. Horchata – Vampire Weekend
20. Each Year – Ra Ra Riot
21. Face to Face on High Places – School of Seven Bells
22. Rome – Phoenix
23. Taft Was Sick – Bearplane
24. Lay Lady Lay – Magnet ft Gemma Hayes
25. Fallin – Stephen Babcock
26. Fools – The Temper Trap
27. This Love Is Fucking Right – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
28. The Impulse – The Flaming Lips
29. Breakin’ Up – Rilo Kiley
30. Ephemeral Artery – Neon Indian
–Irina Dvalidze

20 Watts Reviews Discovery’s The LP by JohnCassillo
July 6, 2009, 10:15 am
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Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot colab falls short

Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot colab falls short

PREVIEW: Download Discovery’s “Orange Shirt” MP3
PREVIOUS DISCOVERY COVERAGE: Interview with Wes Miles of Discovery/Ra Ra Riot, Wes and Rostam in Discovery, Summer Playlist

If you’re looking for Vampire Weekend or Ra Ra Riot, trust me, this isn’t the place. Not to say that fans of either band will be completely lost when first wandering into Discovery‘s LP, but it’s a far cry from the breakout debut albums both artists produced in 2008. Encouraged by their respective successes of the past year or so, Ra Ra Riot’s Wes Miles and Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij embarked on an electronic pop side project. The results are Discovery, a quirky, if not hip, tribute to everyone’s inner auto-tuner.

If there’s one thing LP does not do without, it’s energy. With the help of a few (and by a few, I mean a lot) of synths, Miles and Batmanglij harness each of their respective bands’ finer and more valiant moments, and channel it into coherent, downright giddy pop. And that’s what I can appreciate. The guys didn’t try to reinvent the wheel here. They just tried to take something they separately enjoyed and excelled at, and collectively apply it to a new, yet slightly similar medium.  They know they’re not DJs, nor are they rap artists, pop superstars or synth demigods.  Simply put, they’re just Wes and Rostam, and they enjoy making electronic music on the side (stressing the side, of course). Continue reading

How to Pick Music During a Family Roadtrip by tjwell01
Hate DJing for your parents?

Hate DJing for your parents?

I just got back from a two-day getaway trip to UpState New York with my parents. It sucked, but I’m not going to get into that. However, it reminded me of an annoying occurrence that happens every time I share a car with my parents for a prolonged period—choosing music.

Every time, my mom or my dad asks me to put in my iPod, which is filled with tons of music I love, cherish and worship. To them, a lot of my music is challenging, repetitive and just plain obnoxious. Music is one of the many generational divides we face with our parents, but there are ways to pick music that all sides can enjoy. Keep in mind, this method doesn’t last forever, and you’ll get tired of it, but it helps. All parents are different, but the following tips apply to even the most conservative music lovers.

1) Avoid songs/bands/genres that are repetitive

This means no house music, techno, or Top 40 music. My parents hate hearing the same notes repeated over and over again. It drives them crazy, which is understandable. It’s not like you’re parents want to pull the car over and have a full-out dance party.

Continue reading

Q+A with Wes Miles from Discovery and Ra Ra Riot by tjwell01
June 29, 2009, 5:20 pm
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Wes Miles, famously known as the lead the singer of Ra Ra Riot and member of experimental-pop group Discovery, took time to talk with 20 Watts about his career and future ventures. Discovery’s debut album LP releases on July 7th (XL).

20W: How long have you and Rostam (from Vampire Weekend) been working on this album?

Wes: We started working on the album in 2005. We wanted to explore more pop music. It took four years to make it. It took so much time because when our other bands picked up the pace, there was less and less time to work on it.

20W: How did you two hook up?

Wes: Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend introduced us. We met on New Years going into 2004. We bonded over our love for vocal harmonies.

20W: Discovery’s sound is so much different than that of Ra Ra Riot or Vampire Weekend. How did this sound come about?

Wes: It’s always been an interest of mine. We wanted a different set of parameters, musically. We just wanted to record a album and not worry about going live. Before Rostam and I hooked up, I wanted to start a synth-pop band and Rostam wanted to start a hand-clap band. Those two were very inclusive of each other.

20W: Did you guys ever think ahead: what if this thing got really big?

Wes: We never thought about getting big. We want the best for the album, but we never thought about it.

20W: Is there a tour on the horizon?

Wes: We probably wouldn’t tour. If it got big enough, we’d work on a second album before that.

20W: Dirty Projector’s Angel Deradoorian guest performs on the album. What was your reaction when the band got in that car accident recently?

Wes: They what? I didn’t hear about that. I’m good friends with those guys.

20W: Is there a new Ra Ra Riot album coming up?

Wes: We are just starting to think about that. We’ll probably start at the end of the year and hopefully make a Spring 2010 release.

20W: What’s with the remix of Ra Ra Riot’s “Can You Tell” on the Discovery album?

Wes: It’s not really a remix or a cover. It’s just the second path of the same song. Rostam and I worked on that song before it became Ra Ra Riot’s song.

20W: Is this the first of many sideprojects for you?

Wes: It’s always fun to make music with new people. Maybe. There aren’t any other projects coming up, in particular.

20W: One last Ra Ra Riot question. Your new Fall tour is going to hit Ithaca, NY, but not Syracuse. What’s up?

Wes: We had a big show there in the spring. We didn’t want to overstay our welcome.

20W: You could never do that.

–Jett Wells

Summer Tunes by tjwell01
June 10, 2009, 11:36 am
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Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors

Upbeat, feel-good summer music is in, and moody power chords are out of style like baggy pants. It’s time to feel great and dance with smiles. That’s why it’s time to countdown the pop tunes everyone’s going to be dancing to this summer.

This list includes a dab of mainstream pop  with a mix of fun upbeat indie-pop.

1) “Little Secrets” by Passion Pit

-Passion Pit going to explode after their big back-to-back concert sets at the Bowery on the 19th and 20th. “Moth Wings” gets more attention on their MySpace, but “Little Secrets” has unmatchable energy. This song kicks ass.

2) “Stillness is the Move” by  Dirty Projectors

-These guys are getting a ton of buzz with their new album Bitte Orca, and it’s well deserved. They’re hard-working musicians with a really quaint sound that still jams  hard. Indie hipsters will frolick to these guys for a while.

3) “Orange Shirt” by Discovery

-I swear this is my last endorsement of Wes’ Discovery, but I really like their sound. It’s experimental and new-wave like Passion Pit but still harnaces Ra Ra Riot’s warm feeling.

4) “Paparazzi” by Lady GaGa

-I know I previously bashed GaGa’s latest single, but after listening to it a few more times, it’s got me hooked. I’m such a pop junkie. Lady GaGa’s music is so over-played, but she’s a hit-maker. I can’t argue with it. [Sorry, Caitlin]. I still stand by my remark that her other songs are better, though. I think I’ve watched too many music videos here at MTV.

5) “Daylight” Matt + Kim

-That damn Bacardi commercial has got me hooked to Matt + Kim’s quirky and addictive smash hit. If I were drunk, I’d just play this song all night and host a dance party. Sound good to you all?

–Jett Wells, Reviews Editor