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Editor’s Pick #288: Road Trip? Anyone? by Isabel Alcantara
Get ready, get set, Sasquatch!

PREVIEW: VISIT Sasquatch’s Web site

I just realized that the thing I want most in the world (aside from a house with a pool filled with Jell-O [seriously]) is to go to SASQUATCH! (and no, I’m not just terribly excited, the name actually has an exclamation point).

Now, hold on, I know where this is going.

“No Isabel,” you’ll say, rolling your eyes. “Sasquatch is a terrifying forest-beast, not an event you attend.”

To which I say, you’re wrong. Sasquatch! is a music festival in Quincy, WA with tremendously impressive line-up for its three day run. A quick glance at the list of artists attending assured me that this is the festival to go to. To hell with tuition and fiscal responsibility. I want to go to the Memorial Weekend festival that’s hosting not only My Morning Jacket, Vampire Weekend, The National, Broken Social Scene, OK Go, and Minus the Bear, but also, WHY?, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Garfunkel and Oates, Massive Attack, Pavement, LCD Soundsystem, Tegan and Sara, Kid Cudi and Dirty Projectors.

[Pause to catch your breath and wipe the tears of joy from your face].

The xx, Girls, MGMT, She & Him, Passion Pit, The New Pornographers, Camera Obscura, The Temper Trap, Dr. Dog, and The Mountain Goats, among others.

Did I have to make that list so long and dramatic? Yes.

Are you packing the cooler and gassing up the car? You should be.

Check out the full list, to further your freak-out.

— Isabel Alcantara, Photo Editor

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The Silent League, The Growlers and Dr. Dog @ Westcott Theater (Photos, Review, Interview) by Isabel Alcantara

Justin Russo (foreground) and Shannon Fields of The Silent League supporting The Growlers and Dr. Dog. MORE photos below the cut!

PREVIEW: VISIT The Silent League, The Growlers and Dr. Dog on MySpace
EXCLUSIVE: READ an interview with The Silent League

A night of psychedelic indie rock drenched the Westcott last night with space-y chamber pop from The Silent League, floral blues-punk with a Southern drawl from The Growlers and straightforward, hook-heavy hard rock  from Dr. Dog. Idiosyncrasy and quirk came to mind throughout the show, whether the crowd was dancing to the groove-based rhythm from The Growlers, peering into the massive sunglasses of Dr. Dog’s guitarist or watching The Silent League members play multiple instruments at the same time.

Dr. Dog, the headlining act, played the simplest and tightest show, entertaining the crowd consistently and impressing the audience with nary a pause in between songs except to joke about their day off the next day. “What is there to do in this town? You guys got a zoo or something?” bassist Toby Leaman joked before commenting on  the weather. The band interspersed their set with newer songs — likely to appear on their upcoming album Shame, Shame (due out April 6, 2010) — and fan favorites. Continue reading

Play It by Ear Haiti Benefit Show @ Funk N’ Waffles by 20watts

Liz Lewis playing at Funk 'n' Waffles last night; larger photos below!

PREVIEW: LISTEN to Drink Up Buttercup, Liz Lewis and New Relic on MySpace
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You walk into Funk N’ Waffles and the coffee shop is cramped past the legal limit. With hardly any standing room, much less an open seat, the bands that played at Funk last night did so to a packed show. Whether they were standing in the back or sitting close up front, concert-goers listened intently to the performers voices, guitar noodling, keyboard manipulation and other forms of music-making, whether it involved cellos or garbage cans. The eclectic acts and cozy atmosphere made the Haiti charity event a great success Friday night.

Erica Scarano, Sarah Detweiler, Aaron Gittleman, Liz Lewis, Keith Smith (with Stephen Babcock), One of Three, New Relic, Ryan Whitman and Drink Up Buttercup filled the elevated stage between the hours of 7 and 11:30 p.m. Each artist performed just a few songs, ranging in genres and message. Appropriate to the benefit show’s nature, the only consistent theme of the night was the universal camaraderie shared by the performers and the audience. Continue reading

Speaking of free shows… by caitlindewey

If you’re as broke as we are, then you understand the feeling of dizzying euphoria that the phrase “free show” elicits.

And this week there will be not one, not two, but THREE phenomenal free shows in the New York City area.

On Thursday, A.C. Newman (of the New Pornographers) headlines a three-hour Adult Swim event at Santos’ Party House in Tribeca.  Show starts at 7.  Props to SU’s Bandier Program for alerting us to this event — via Twitter, no less!

On Friday, Blonde Redhead play Brooklyn’s Prospect Park at 7:30.  Olof Arnolds — who, incidentally, played a show in my internship’s break room last week — will open the show.

Dr. Dog, Phospherescent and These United States play Prospect Park at 6:30 the following day, another production by the Celebrate Brooklyn! series.

20 Watts will be sure to keep you updated on all the best free shows in the NYC area this summer, so stay tuned!

— Caitlin Dewey

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Editor Picks 29: The Best Doggies Around… by alexandrakish
October 9, 2008, 11:27 pm
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Oh man, oh MAN! I love Dr. Dog. They just kick major ass. I know these guys have been around for a while–their debut album came out in 2002–but I just discovered these guys via stealing the music off my roomate’s iPod.  Everything about this band appeals to me.  The lead’s singers whiny, tenor vocals contrast perfectly with the band’s strange mix of indie, 60’s pop-sound and simplistic instrumentation.  Although I prefer Easy Beat to We All Belong (I don’t have their debut or newest album yet) I seriously recommend you to check this Philadelphia-based band out before everyone starts screaming their name.  Or maybe everything one is.  Whatever man…all I know that their songs “Say Something” and “Oh No” are now the two most popular songs played on my iTunes and I only got their album a week ago.  Gooood shit.

-Alex Kish, Reviews Editor

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