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Editor’s Pick #202: Digital Composer ‘Pogo’ Rocks the YouTube Scene by Isabel Alcantara
November 9, 2009, 3:05 pm
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As a huge fan of mashups and remixes, I found it refreshing that Pogo (this hour’s most interesting YouTube sensation) has created as set of entirely new tracks out of sounds found in movies. The tracks he composes are digitally embellished to tie the piece together through a thumping beat (the song featured above includes a sine wave bass and custom drum sequences) while staying true to the original movie sounds. Without the aid of auto-tune which – lets face it – has become the musical equivalent of Photoshop filters, Pogo has created some of the most inventive mashups/remixes on YouTube.

As an electronic music artist from Perth in Western Australia, Pogo first received recognition from his track and video labeled “Alice” (which has gotten more than 4 million views) and since has created several more songs from movies like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and The Sword in the Stone. All of Pogo’s creations are available for download, but I would highly recommend watching the song/video combo for additional entertainment, because who doesn’t love dancing penguins?

— Isabel Alcantara, Photo Editor


Photos and Review of Black Moth Super Rainbow, Blank Dogs and Dan Friel at South Street Seaport 7/24 by Eric Vilas-Boas
Black Moth Super Rainbow

Black Moth Super Rainbow were gimmicky, but totally awesome

PREVIOUS COVERAGE: Black Moth Super Rainbow, “Eating Us”
PREVIEW: BMSR MP3: “Born on a Day the Sun Didn’t Rise”

So far this summer, River to River’s free independent music shows have yet to disappoint. From Anthony Gonzalez of M83 to The Pains of Being Pure at Heart’s great set, River to River has consistently showcased great artists with great results, and yesterday was no different. Though Blank Dogs failed to impress, opening DJ Dan Friel and Black Moth Super Rainbow wowed both the crowd and 20 Watts.

The action began at 6:25 when a guy in shorts with curly, strawberry-blond hair walked out on stage, sat down on a folding chair, and got to work. The first song started with layered atmospherics and quickly went into progressively faster bass beats, accompanied by poppy synth melodies and echoing feedback and reverb effects. His other songs were all just as interesting, and watching him make such eclectic, dance-worthy music from a lap-size set-up was very impressive. Continue reading

Emerging Artists: Run Toto Run by kayzimbo

rtrThis British band is only about a year old, yet they have made headlines around the United Kingdom and were on BBC’s “Artists to Watch in 2009” list. With a soft-spoken female lead singer, Run Toto Run‘s music is both calming and creatively stimulating at the same time. Chimes, violin and electronic loops are often the main instruments and attractions in the songs. Whether it’s the chorus of recorders in “Your Face” that bring me back to fourth grade or the voice that is sweeter than a sugary Vermont maple syrup, this music is constantly playing on my computer.

Run Toto Run bring together a variety of noises, using experimental techniques to make sounds reminiscent of “Such Great Heights” by the Postal Service accompanied by vocals similar to Laura Marling. Laura Marling and Rachael, the lead singer of Run Toto Run, are female vocalists and musicians who are following in the footsteps of fellow British artists Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse. These new-age female artists are taking over the airwaves at an incredible rate. Continue reading

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Emerging Artists: Drink Up Buttercup by kayzimbo


No, you read that correctly.  It’s not Build Me Up Buttercup, but “Drink up Buttercup” and they are one of the best things to recently come out of Philly.

With a fuzzy, rough recording that actually brings me back to the original recording of Titus Andronicus (which I prefer to the new), they managed to keep me on their Myspace long enough to listen to each and every song. These days, that’s a feat in and of itself.

Their harmonies make it sound like there is a chorus backing the instruments and bring a 70’s feel into the “Dub/Grime/Psychedelic” rock they have going for themselves.  Their song “Sosey and Dosey” brought me back to a creepy circus scene in any cheesy horror movie and “Gods and Gentlemen” immediately had me bouncing my head along with the beat.

Be sure to check out their Myspace, along with Captain Dum Dum, a side project of Farzad Houshiarnejad.  While it’s more electronic and eerie, it’s incredible and a great contrast to the upbeat feeling of Drink Up Buttercup.

–Kyra Zeller

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