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Concert Stories: Jason Mraz by kabenn03

A little rain wasn't going to ruin our parade

PREVIEW: VISIT Jason Mraz’s MySpace

When I heard Jason Mraz was perfoming in Maryland, the same state I happened to be in, I knew I had to go. Being a poor college student and all, my friends and I opted for lawn seats. Best and worst decision of our lives.

So, on July 25, 2009, we ventured to Colombia, Md.’s Merriweather Post Pavilion to see our man. Eric Hutchinson opened the show with his happy, sunny music that mirrored the sky above. But as the stage crew switched over the set for G. Love & Special Sauce, the clouds rolled in, and it started to pour. Within minutes, we looked like the drowned rats that can be seen above (I’m on the left). As everyone huddled under their blankets, jackets and whatever else they could find, we shivered under our soaked towels and chattered our teeth along to G. Love, wishing we had better prepared ourselves for the monsoon, or splurged for pavilion seats. Continue reading

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