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Ayo Technology: Songbird by dannyb123abc
April 10, 2009, 3:31 pm
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Welcome to the launch of Ayo Technology, the newest addition to the 20W community. In this segment, resident expert Dan Bagnall will bestow upon us weekly blogs about the hottest music software trends and newest gear to hit the market.

In this installment he introduces a dope new music application (the biggest threat to iTunes) that has finally made it out of beta testing. It’s name: Songbird.

Imagine the power of Mozilla’s Firefox with the music functionality of iTunes and low and behold you have Songbird. Songbird is a cross platform, open-source media player that is under active development. Built upon the Firefox architecture, users can customize their Songbird anyway they like thanks to “add-ons.”

A few key add-ons come bundled with the download such as mashTape, a feature to discover Flickr photos, YouTube videos, last.fm biographies, Google news and more for the currently playing artist. Another favorite feature is “Concert Tickets,” powered by Songkick, where you can discover upcoming shows in your area based on the artists in your library. The consolidation of a web and media browser will have you never switching between windows again!

Download it now at www.getsongbird.com

— Dan Bagnall