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20 Watts Video: The Grog Shop — A Rockumentary by 20watts

The Grog Shop


The Grog Shop is a legendary Ohio venue that’s served Cleveland Heights for over a decade. One month ago 20 Watts decided to commission a short documentary on it.

Venues like the Grog Shop always have great history attached to them — a history of intrinsic connection with the music we hear in them. Think back to the best concerts you’ve been to and think about why they were great. Sure the band was awesome, but apart from the live performance and its smoke and mirrors, what will make the experience memorable? Venues owe a debt to the musicians who play in them just as bloggers and journalists do. Their job is to enhance the experience of the fans beyond what the band can pull off.

20 Watts staffers have had countless breathtaking experiences at Funk N Waffles, the Westcott Theater, Lost Horizon and other Syracuse venues. Animal Collective named their mainstream breakout record after Merriweather Post Pavilion. And of course, who doesn’t recall New York’s famed CBGB with some measure of fond nostalgia?

So when trusted 20 Watts associate Aaron Freeder offered to shoot a short profile on the Grog Shop, what could we do but jump at the opportunity? Check it out!


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An Evening with Ari Hest at Funk by laoppedi
February 21, 2010, 10:31 pm
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Photo credit: Emelia Natalicchio

PREVIEW: VISIT Ari Hest’s Myspace

We all know and love the small-time, intimate environment at Funk ‘n Waffles. Coupled with the unmistakable scent of cooking oil that permeates your clothes and makes the air thick, the close stage, close quarters and full concert schedule make for a delightful evening.

Soothing indie acoustic tunes drifted amongst the small audience at Funk ‘n Waffles yesterday, as New York City’s Ari Hest visited Syracuse. Zack duPont and Sarah Aument opened. DuPont’s skilled playing was a fitting compliment to his more simple lyrics, and Aument provided her usual eclectic blend of mellow, goofy, groovy and haunting tunes to prime the audience. Continue reading

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Play It by Ear Haiti Benefit Show @ Funk N’ Waffles by 20watts

Liz Lewis playing at Funk 'n' Waffles last night; larger photos below!

PREVIEW: LISTEN to Drink Up Buttercup, Liz Lewis and New Relic on MySpace
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You walk into Funk N’ Waffles and the coffee shop is cramped past the legal limit. With hardly any standing room, much less an open seat, the bands that played at Funk last night did so to a packed show. Whether they were standing in the back or sitting close up front, concert-goers listened intently to the performers voices, guitar noodling, keyboard manipulation and other forms of music-making, whether it involved cellos or garbage cans. The eclectic acts and cozy atmosphere made the Haiti charity event a great success Friday night.

Erica Scarano, Sarah Detweiler, Aaron Gittleman, Liz Lewis, Keith Smith (with Stephen Babcock), One of Three, New Relic, Ryan Whitman and Drink Up Buttercup filled the elevated stage between the hours of 7 and 11:30 p.m. Each artist performed just a few songs, ranging in genres and message. Appropriate to the benefit show’s nature, the only consistent theme of the night was the universal camaraderie shared by the performers and the audience. Continue reading

A Friday Night with The Wood Brothers at the Westcott by Isabel Alcantara

The Wood Brothers rocked Westcott Theater last Friday night

PREVIEW: VISIT The Wood Brothers’ Website
PHOTOS: VIEW below the cut!

The Friday night crowd wasted no time whooping and hollering during The Wood Brothers’ first song, a funky take on Steve Earle’s “Mystery Train Part II.”

“Feels like a Friday night,” guitarist Oliver Wood said, acknowledging the energetic crowd.

The brotherly duo treated the crowd to a night of personal, soulful, and bluesy songs.  The music was carried by Oliver Wood’s pitch-perfect trebly vocals and bassist Chris Wood’s eloquent and tasteful lines.   For this special show, they were joined by percussionist Jed Kosiner, who added rhythmic textures on his snare drum, cymbals, and pandeiro (a Latin, tambourine-like instrument).

Oliver later gave his appreciation for “The Wood Brothers dancers,” the smiling mini crowd of twirlers to his left the whole show.  You would have guessed they were a rock band by the way the crowd yelled during songs.

“The foundations of their music are spiritually inspiring.  If you look inside to the nature of yourself, you’ll see that that’s what they’re singing about.  The spirit,” said Funk ‘n’ Waffles co-owner Kyle Corea. Continue reading

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20 Watts Video: Static Jacks @ Funk ‘n’ Waffles by Irina Dvalidze

PREVIEW: Static Jacks Official web page

Friday Nov. 13th up and coming band from New Jersey, Static Jacks, tore the roof off a local Syracuse hot spot Funk ‘n’ Waffles. Playing for a full house, Static Jacks, stuck around for an exclusive video interview with the 20 Watts Multimedia team. Discussing everything from their humble suburban beginnings to the production of their latest EP Laces, this quintet is definitely an act to look out for.

Check out the exclusive interview above!

— Interview by Jett Wells
— Copy by Irina Dvalidze

Sarah Aument plays the O, Morning Records Showcase @ Funk ‘n’ Waffles by Isabel Alcantara
November 12, 2009, 7:54 pm
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Sarah Aument playing at the O, Morning Records Showcase @ Funk ‘n’ Waffles 11/06/09
Song: Wake Up Singing
Featured on her EP of the same title.

The winning grin and other tales from the O, Morning Records Showcase @ Funk N Waffles 11/6/09 by Eric Vilas-Boas
Sarah Aument Pic for REVIEW2

Sarah Aument and the rest of O, Morning Records rocked Funk 'n Waffles on Friday, 11/6

You never know what to expect while stumbling down the stairs of Syracuse’s Funk ‘n Waffles on the night of a show. Acts can alternate between amateurs and professionals, hip-hop and folk-rock. Lucky for the college crowd that O, Morning Records was on the job last night, serving an aesthetically and musically eclectic platter of shoegazing, dancing and hand-clapping.

Sarah Aument, O, Morning’s very first signee, headlined the show with her new band. Before her came stellar performances from Bears in AmericaMouth’s Cradle and The Northbound Traveling Minstrel Jug Band. Not many student acts in the Syracuse area can realistically follow The NTMJB, the liveliest of the night and probably the biggest crowd-pleaser. Continue reading