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Editor’s Pick #274: Gaga at the Grammys by 20watts
February 3, 2010, 2:52 pm
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PREVIEW: VISIT Lady Gaga’s Web site

So, the Grammys were this past Sunday, but to be honest I didn’t watch. I don’t really care much about the awards and I choose to just watch the performances on YouTube afterward. While all of the performers were pretty good, my favorite had to be Lady Gaga. She stayed true to form with her somewhat creepy yet very entertaining show, proving once more how talented she is by performing with the one and only Elton John–and giving him a run for his money. Although the whole appearing on stage with Elton John thing has been done before, it’s a trick I never get sick of. Check it out for yourself above.

–Kelsey Bennett, Production Editor


Editor’s Pick #234: The Possibility of Daft Punk Playing Electric Daisy Carnival by elizabethvogt

Daft Punk

PREVIEW: SIGN The petition to bring Daft Punk to EDC 2010

I know I know, I’m sure after reading this title the first thing that came to mind was “Oh yeah sure…” but read on and let it all marinate for a second…

Electric Daisy Carnival is a huge electronic dance music festival held at the USC stadium in L.A. every summer. Last year, EDC featured some of the  biggest names in the electronic dance music genre such as Thievery Corporation, David Guetta and Boys Noize. According to the lovely World Wide Web, there is a possibility of Daft Punk playing EDC this year. Although Daft Punk has not performed live since the 2008 Grammys, the duo did state on their website that they will be playing a world tour in either 2010 or 2011. Could EDC be one of the stops on that tour? I think it is a great possibility.

If you are as psyched about this as I am, click the link above and sign the petition to bring Daft Punk to EDC 2010. It may be a ploy to sell more EDC tickets and I may be a complete idiot for believing Daft Punk would actually play a music festival but I signed the petition regardless. If nothing else it will get Daft Punk‘s attention and let them know the world is ready for the crazy, helmet-wearing team to start performing live again.

–Elizabeth Vogt, Assistant Front of Book Editor

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20 Watts Reviews Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg by Dan
Wolfmother releases its second album "Cosmic Egg" on October 29.

Wolfmother releases its second album "Cosmic Egg" on October 29.

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD Wolfmother’s “New Moon Rising” MP3
WE GIVE IT: 8/20 Watts

Oh, brother…

That’s just about the only response one could elicit from Wolfmother‘s new album, Cosmic Egg. It’s an album that wastes all the potential that the band managed, against all odds, to give it. It follows the same basic pattern as its self-titled predecessor: a couple of high points surrounded by far too many low ones that ultimately drag it down.

People have criticized Wolfmother for being too derivative, which is not an unfair claim to make. The band has always worn its ’70s classic rock influences on its sleeve — from Black Sabbath and Deep Purple to Jefferson Airplane and even Heart. But this time around, head honcho Andrew Stockdale has done one worse — he’s started ripping himself off. Continue reading

Raphael Saadiq Performs on Daytrotter by kayzimbo
April 16, 2009, 1:16 pm
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Raphael Saadiq’s last album, The Way I See It, (Sony BMG, September 2008) was nominated for three Grammys including best R&B album. Is it just me, or do many extremely talented artists who gain respect in the music world lose a connection with the public because of rappers and pop stars like Soulja Boy and Miley Cyrus?

While Saadiq has collaborated with everyone from The Roots to Snoop Dogg to Earth, Wind & Fire, he has not gained the mass audience typically associated with success like this.  His soulful voice and combination of piano and guitar reminds me of the jazz musicians my father raised me on.

Check out his live performance at Daytrotter Studios: Raphael Saadiq, Daytrotter

-Kyra Zeller

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Industry News, Week 1: Bonnaroo, Grammys, Sports, and the Format by 20watts
February 13, 2008, 3:13 am
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**Editor’s note: Rachel’s column on what’s happening in the music industry will run every Wednesday.

Whew! There is always so much happening in the music industry it’s hard to decide what you people should know and look out for!


Well first and foremost, the most exciting news of my week – The Bonnaroo 2008 Lineup has been announced! For those of you who don’t know, Bonnaroo is a 4-day-long festival in Tennessee that features music of all genres as well as art, comedy and film (think Woodstock with a little extra). This year headliners include Pearl Jam, Metallica, Jack Johnson and Kanye West. Other bands playing include Death Cab for Cutie, O.A.R., My Morning Jacket, and Rilo Kiley. There are even great artists of your parents era- Willie Nelson. B.B. King, and the Allman Brothers. It’s definitely shaping up to be the best festival of the summer…and my absolute dream.


The Grammy’s were on Sunday! My guilty pleasure being award shows and award show fashion, I had to watch. The most notable performance of the night was Kanye West with a special appearance by Daft Punk. Alicia Keys’ performance featuring John Mayer was also stunning, and it was refreshing to see the stage shared by two artists who are so talented. And of course my favorite occurrence of the night was Amy Winehouse’s clean sweep. Even though she has so many critics, went to rehab, and is pretty much banned from the United States, I love her music (she has better songs besides “Rehab”) and was happy to see her win.


As a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan, I almost didn’t watch the Super Bowl… THEN I heard that Tom Petty was playing the half-time show. It was the best half time show that I can remember in very recent years, and I’ve watched it on youtube numerous times this week. Rock also takes on hockey this week: the band Atreyu is teaming up with Easten Sporting Goods to make a special edition Atreyu hockey stick. Last time I checked, Sidney Crosby and Dominic Hasek aren’t really big Atreyu fans, but to each his own.


I also have some terrible news. For those of you who don’t know, the Format….are no longer. Yes, I know- it’s devastating. The band released a statement on February 7th that said they will no longer be touring or recording albums. I suggest you all do what I did and listen to “First Single” one last time. The Format will truly be missed in the music world.


Golden Delicious” Mike Doughty, Ato Records
Live” B.B. King, Geffen Records
Reach” Eyes Set to Kill, Breaksilence Records
Changes” A Cursive Memory, Vagrant Records

– Rachel

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