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News of Note: Matt and Kim @ Hamilton College on April 10 by tjwell01

Hamilton reels in another big name indie artist in Matt and Kim.

PREVIEW THE ARTIST: Matt and Kim’s MySpace

PREVIEW THE EVENT: Matt and Kim @ Hamilton College

Hamilton College pretty much solidifies its reputation as an indie-rock college, now that they’ve booked Matt and Kim for April 10th at The Annex. Earlier this semester they booked YACHT and MNDR, and have also nabbed Passion Pit, The Dirty Projectors and Dan Deacon for May 7th. I’ve seen Matt and Kim twice, and they’re a fun show overall. The opening acts are The Death Set and Downbeat Keys.

–Jett Wells

20 Watts Video: YACHT @ Hamilton College (“Psychic City”) by tjwell01
February 14, 2010, 5:18 pm
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Talk about changing plans on a dime. I started planning to go see Big Mouth perform at 701 Ackerman off campus (which has a video coming up shortly!), but then YACHT and MNDR announced they were stopping off at Hamilton College in the same night, so I made a judgment call and decided to catch what was supposed to be an epic dance party. Boy, it was.

MNDR opened up in the pavilion-like venue, pumping loud and fun dance beats with her awkward yet hilarious dance moves. While rocking big white-rimmed glasses and a chandelier-like necklace, she won the crowd over by the final song. In between songs she tried explaining her story, but she seemed to burp and mumble a lot, and people were slightly thrown off. Nevertheless, she let her music do the talking and the Hamilton College kids got a lot more bang than they thought. However, there were a few low moments when a couple Hamilton kids walked on stage to air hump against MNDR while she wasn’t looking. See photos from MNDR’s set below.

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News of Note: Passion Pit + Dirty Projectors @ Hamilton College by tjwell01
February 14, 2010, 1:15 am
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The Dirty Projectors, Passion Pit and Dan Deacon will perform at Hamilton College on May 7th at 2 p.m.

PREVIEW: The Dirty Projector’s MySpace, Passion Pit’s MySpace and Dan Deacon’s MySpace

While waiting for MNDR to open up before tonight’s much anticipated YACHT concert at Hamilton College,  Travis Rosenblatt, a representative from the Campus Activities Board, passed along some amazing news: Passion Pit, The Dirty Projectors AND Dan Deacon are scheduled to perform at the school on May 7th at 2 p.m.. The school doesn’t even know about this yet, but they’ll find out soon like the rest of Central New York. It’s an all-star lineup and shouldn’t be anything short of spectacular. Excited yet?

–Jett Wells

News of Note: YACHT w/ MNDR Tonight at Hamilton College by tjwell01
February 13, 2010, 11:29 am
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YACHT and MNDR are playing Hamilton College Tonight at 8:00

PREVIEW: YACHT’s MySpace and MNDR’s MySpace

LISTEN: YACHT’s “Psychic City”

According to MNDR’s Twitter, apparently there has been a last minute switch in their tour with YACHT — they’re stopping by Hamilton College at “The Barn” in Clinton, NY tonight at 8:00. “Hey so MNDR is not playing Southpaw tonight. MNDR is playing at Hamilton College in somewhere NY. stay gold.” Time to carpool people, because Hamilton College is only 55 minutes away from Syracuse, NY. Bring your spandex and your Wayfarers, because it will be a sweet dance party. Get it!

— Jett Wells