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It is Thursday night and 20 Watts Radio is on Audiocandy. Make sure you tune in and don’t miss out on our great selection of awesome tunes.  We have some cool news happening at 20 Watts you simply cant miss. We are gonna give you a run down on some local shows that will be happening this weekend. If you are in Cuse you are most likely snowed in anyway, so join us for a quick getaway as we give you a run down of the awesome stuff you can do in Syracuse once this snow melts. Not to mention if you wanna request a song, all you need to do it tweet at you host here. So make sure to join 20 Watts on Auodiocandy 10 pm sharp. To tune in Click Here.

Show Playlist

1. Taxi Cab – Vampire Weekend
2. Something About Us – Daft Punk
3. Seahorse – Devendra Banhart
4. Actor Out of Work – St. Vincent
5. Laura – Girls
6. Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
7. where do you go to my lovely – Peter Sarstedt
8. Crown of Love – Arcade Fire
9. Grace Kelly – Mika
10. Hong Kong Garden – Siouxsie & The Banshees
11. Friday XIII – Deer Tick
12. Elephant Gun – Beirut
13. Nothing Ever Happened – Deerhunter
14. Silence Kid – Pavement
15. My Parents Lied – The Static Jacks
16. Gold and a Pager – The Cool Kids
17. Don’t Haunt This Place – The Rural Alberta Advantage
18. The Fox In The Snow – Belle & Sebastian
19. Snow and Lights- Explosions in the Sky
20. Snow (Hey Oh) – The Red Hot Chili Peppers
21. Wintertime Love – Choir Of Young Believers
22. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
–Irina Dvalidze

Editor’s Pick #283: Neon Indian Hits up Jimmy Fallon by tjwell01

PREVIEW: Neon Indian’s MySpace

Norwegian boys, Kings of Convenience, were originally slated to play Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, but Neon Indian slipped in because of a last minute cancellation. Not that anyone was upset since Neon Indian rolled in like a champ and put on the moves for the mainstream spotlight. You could tell Alan Palomo brought his A-game with his Buffalo Bill dance moves on stage (thanks, Carly). Who knew Jimmy Fallon was such a hipster? Apparently he found out about Neon Indian through Shazaam on his iPhone.

With this stellar performance and their slated appearance at Bonnaroo recently announced, Neon Indian is blowing up faster than most expected. Even Questo of the Roots was impressed via Twitter. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for their Buffalo show at Big Orbit Soundlab Space on March 12.

–Jett Wells

20 Watts Reviews The Kings of Convenience’s Conditions by Jeanette Wall
The Kings of Convenience release a new album, five years after their previous record.

The Kings of Convenience release a new album, five years after their previous record.

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD The Kings of Convenience’s “Mrs. Cold” MP3
WE GIVE IT: 15/20 Watts

After five years of traveling and working on side projects, the present day Simon & Garfunkel have released their third album. Kings of Convenience’s Declaration of Dependence is filled with acoustic melodies that are characteristically easy and quiet, largely what one would expect from the Norwegian musical group.

Finger-picking and soft violin accompaniments are staples of the album. Supplying the whole of the beat on Declaration, the band proclaims it to be the “most rhythmical pop record ever that features no percussion or drums.” Perhaps this is true. Regardless, the sound of the album as a whole is pleasant, if nothing else. Continue reading

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20 Watts Reviews Choir of Young Believers’ This Is for the White in Your Eyes by Irina Dvalidze

Choir of Young Believers' debut This Is for the White in Your Eyes

Choir of Young Believers' debut This Is for the White in Your Eyes

PREVIEW: Download Choir of Young Believers’ “Hollow Talk” MP3
WE GIVE IT: 14/20 Watts

The Vikings may have failed at world domination, but there is no doubt that “Nordic pop” is taking over the indie music scene. The wave of ambient soundscapes only started with the likes of Sigur Rós, tossing out acts like Kings of Convenience. This week, Jannis Noya Makrigiannis, the driving force behind one-man project Choir of Young Believers, will be revealing his own contribution to the genre. He made a stir with his debut EP Burn the Flag, and now he’s back with  full album This Is for the White in Your Eyes.

Makrigiannis definitely has something fresh to bring to the table. Most of his melodies have that eerie quality that the Scandinavian mainstream is so fond of, however he reworks the material in a much more dramatic direction. Continue reading

Kings of Convenience Release Album Details by carlywolkoff
July 20, 2009, 8:58 pm
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PREVIEW: Download Kings of Convenience’s Mrs. Cold MP3

It’s been six years since Kings of Convenience released Riot on an Empty Street.  Six long years we’ve been waiting for Erlend and Eirik to get back at it.  And no, Erlend’s side projects (The Whitest Boy Alive, DJ-Kicks), though they made the wait less excruciating, hardly sufficed.  But today there is a lot to be happy about.  Rumors of a new Kings of Convenience album have been circling for years, but finally, reassuringly concrete details (aside from the postcards) were announced regarding their latest album.

Their next studio album is due out October 2nd and will be called Declaration of Dependence.  Among the thirteen songs, the first single will be “Mrs. Cold,”which is already playing on the radio.  And though lyrics to the song might include, “you lost control and you lost your tongue,” it’s great to see the band hasn’t — “Mrs. Cold” has the same sipping-a-mojito-on-an-island savor as their previous albums.

Declaration of Dependence better be good, considering it will probably have to hold us over until 2015.  But judging by “Mrs. Cold,”  I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

— Carly Wolkoff

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20 Watts Free Beach Playlist by carlywolkoff
20 Watts free beach download is a perfect blend of warm-weather hits.

20 Watts' free beach mix is a perfect blend of warm-weather hits.


I’m going to follow Alex’s lead, but not because I’m an unoriginal poseur, but because I sincerely believe in the power of a kickass playlist.  There is absolutely nothing more precious than music perfectly coinciding with your surroundings, which is why I’m going to share my ideal beach playlist.  Trust me, I tested it this past weekend, and a playlist capable of transforming the Jersey Shore into the ultimate island getaway is worth a listen.

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