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Editor’s pick #260: Kings of Leon Clothing Line by 20watts
January 14, 2010, 5:16 pm
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Now you can dress just like Kings of Leon!

PREVIEW: VISIT Vouge’s website for a preview of The Kings of Leon clothing line

Did you ever wish that you could dress like the guys in Kings of Leon? Well now you can because on January 25, KOL will premiere their cool new clothing line called KOL x S2A. Whether you’re looking for a cool new flannel or your own pair of skinny jeans Kings of Leon got you covered. There’s one catch though, flannels cost $180 and skinny jeans cost $225. So, if you’re insane enough to spend $114 on a t-shirt or $104 on a plain old red bandana you can head to Barneys New York or online retailer Gargyle on January 25th.

-Eric Hoffman, Features Editor

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U2’s First Contact in Glastonbury by cweeks88

U2 are looking more and more like aging Irish Porn Stars

PREVIEW: LISTEN to U2’s “No Line on the Horizon”

Just when you thought aging, self-absorbed rock stars couldn’t be more agonizingly full of themselves as displayed in the upcoming TV special of the 25th Annual Rock Hall of Fame Awards/concerts — U2 strikes again in destroying everything that’s halfway decent about popular Rock music by headlining England’s Glastonbury 2010 Music Festival.

Despite the poor sales of this once-great band’s most recent album No Line on the Horizon, U2 still don’t know when to quit. Since playing on top of buildings in London and causing a carefully orchestrated and televised stir earlier this year didn’t work, perhaps Bono figures that their spanking new songs will resonate with an audience whose only relation to the band is that their parents had Joshua Tree playing in the background during their conception. Continue reading

News of Note: Weezer Collaborate with The All-American Rejects, Yeah Yeah Yeahs Release an iTunes Orginals Session, Devendra Banhart Streams New Album What Will Be, Animal Collective Support PETA, and MORE by jluposello
Weezer just finished a collaboration with All American Rejects for upcoming album Raditude

Weezer just finished a collaboration with Nick Wheeler and Tyson Ritter of The All-American Rejects for upcoming album Raditude

Keeping with the collaborative theme of their new album, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has recently finished up a track for Weez’s new album, Raditude, featuring Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler of The All-American Rejects. The song, entitled “Put Me Back Together,” follows Weez’s collaboration with Lil’ Wayne, “Can’t Stop Partying.” Ritter told RS, “I was playing Weezer songs when I was 13 at parties, so now I can die happy.” Look for the track when the album drops on November 3rd.

It’s about time that we got an iTunes Originals session from New York’s garage-punk rockers, Yeah Yeah YeahsPitchfork gives us a look at the details of today’s release, which include studio tracks, interview clips, and unreleased acoustic versions of some of YYY’s most well known tracks. Check it out here.

Devendra Banhart’s seventh release, What Will Be, is set to drop from Warner Bros. Records on October 27th. Both Banhart and Band of Bees’ Paul Butler have dually produced the record, reports Stereogum. He has reportedly reenlisted the band that played behind him on 2007’s Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon: Noah Georgeson, Greg Rogove, Luckey Remington and Rodrigo Amarante. Fans that can’t wait the week for this highly anticipated freak-folk release can stream it now here (you can thank us later).

Staying true to their namesake, Animal Collective has just stepped up with PETA to protest Canada’s aptly named annual “Seal Slaughter.” The slaughter is responsible for the death of thousands of seals annually (60,000 in 2009), and celebrities such as Perez Hilton and the guys from AnCo have begun passionately speaking against the practice, reports Pitchfork. Check out the video, where Geologist eloquently states, “We all really like animals and seals, especially.” We like your enthusiasm, Geo.

Nashville’s indie rockers Kings of Leon will be releasing their most recent concert footage on DVD, reports Pitchfork. The release, entitled Live at the O2 London, England documents a June 2009 show. Look for its release on November 10th and on November 24th in Blu-Ray.

— John Luposello

News of Note: Muse Stream The Resistance, Jay-Z, Wild Beasts, White Lies, Kurt Cobain’s Guitar Hero Avatar, and Much More by 20watts

Muse decided to stream their new album The Resistance for 24 hours

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD Muse’s “United States of Eurasia” MP3

Hype for The Resistance has practically reached the point of parody. Filter reported on how Muse streamed The Resistance in full, for a full 24 hours. The fact that they had fans piece together a song before they could hear it just goes to show that this band will stage any stunt get more exposure — redundant when you’re in one of the biggest acts in the world. What else can you do, Matt Bellamy, streak in a performance art display singing the lyrics to “Uprising”? [Previous 20 Watts Coverage: Editor’s Pick #157: Muse’s United States of Eurasia]

As many probably knew, Jay-Z is going all out to promote his latest effort, The Blueprint 3, which dropped Tuesday. To kick off the world tour, he played a secret show at NYC’s Gramercy Theater last night which apparently also included a fire alarm. SPIN‘s got photos and additional details for those so inclined.  [Previous 20 Watts Coverage: Editor’s Pick #173: Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” (Alicia Keys, Blueprint 3)20 Watts Reviews Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3]

Stereogum reported on Wild Beasts live NYC debut, held two nights ago downtown at Joe’s Pub. Considering the quality of Wild Beasts’ two albums, particularly the recent Two Dancers, one would expect them to play in a dedicated rock venue. Not the case with this sit-down establishment, but that’s all right when you take into account that many popular indie acts — including Brand New, Sufjan Stevens, and The Rural Alberta Advantage — prefer smaller venues. Rock club or not, Wild Beasts played a great show by all accounts. [Previous 20 Watts Coverage: 20 Watts Reviews Two Dancers]

NME.com reports that British alternative rock band White Lies released a rare track for download today. The song “Taxidermy” is a live favorite and was only available before on the band’s 7″ single “To Lose My Life.” White Lies will be touring the U.S. soon along with shows supporting Kings of Leon from September 25 through October 16. Close dates include New York City and Toronto on September 25 and September 26 respectively. White Lies also have their track “Death” on the Jennifer’s Body soundtrack. The film, starring Megan Fox, hits theatres September 18. [Previous 20 Watts Coverage: Lykke Li Covers Kings Of Leon ]

In preparation for their latest album Air have released a music video for the song “Sing Sang Sung,” and it’s featured on Pitchfork today.  “Sing Sang Sung” is the first single off the French electropopper’s forthcoming album Love 2. The album, which drops October 6, was entirely produced at the band’s own studio.[Previous 20 Watts Coverage: Air Releases a Studio Recording of “Do the Joy”]

Pitchfork also reports that Smashing Pumpkins‘ Billy Corgan has launched a website today called Everything From Here to There. According to the site, which is likely to be a blog about Corgan’s personal beliefs, “If you are drawn to the Hidden Truths, drawn to God as something beyond limitation, and drawn to Love as the greatest force in the Universe, then you have come to the right place at the right time.  This is a place of Love.” [Previous 20 Watts Coverage: Industry News, Week 4]

Subpop has just added Beach House to it’s already unrivaled indie roster. Beach House are the gorgeous, sleepy, dream-pop duo that brought you Beach House and Devotion, and they announced their move to the Seattle-based label today.  They’ll release their third album in early 2010 after completing a tour with Grizzly Bear. [Previous 20 Watts Coverage: Jay-Z Endorses Indie Rock, Grizzly Bear’s “While You Wait for the Other”]

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Editors Pick 146: Thom Yorke and Bon Iver Soundtrack New Moon by 20watts
Bon Iver may be on the soundtrack to Twilight sequel New Moon

Bon Iver may make an appearance on Twilight sequel New Moon

PREVIEW: Download Radiohead’s “15 Step” on Mediafire
PREVIOUS COVERAGE: (500) Days of Summer OST, Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack, Top 10 Movie Soundtracks, Editors Pick Soundtracks 1 and 2

Is that the heart-baring croon of Bon Iver?  Or just the sound of hell freezing over?

According to an article posted on Hitfix Thursday, Twilight director Chris Weitz has confirmed that Thom Yorke AND Bon Iver have contributed tracks to New Moon, the Twilight sequel, set to hit theaters in late November.  Previously, Weitz told the Los Angeles Times that Band of Skulls and Muse were also on the soundtrack.

The last film was resplendent in gooey pre-teen romanticism, awkwardly over-long shots of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and forgettable numbers from Paramore and others of their ilk.  Radiohead did, notably, soundtrack part of Twilight‘s credits with the Grammy-nominated “15 Step.”  And the franchise’s new composer, Alexandre Desplat, is practically legendary for his work on films like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Still, the announcement comes as a surprise — as does the fact that these artists apparently approached Weitz, and not the other way around.

“Fortunately, I’m not at the stage where I have to turn anybody down yet, because everything is still kind of up in the air,” he said in an interview with Hollywood.com’s Katie Bain.  “But I am surprised and pleased at some of the bands that have said that they’re interested. It’s really kind of great. The criterion will still be what’s right for the movie at that given moment. Thom Yorke is interested. We might, if we’re very lucky, be able to get Kings of Leon to do something. So it’s exciting to be able to have access to this kind of talent.”

Twilight mania is apparently universal!  Now if only Thom Yorke would write a song for Harry Potter…

— Caitlin Dewey, Editor-in-Chief

Ridiculous UU Survey by tjwell01
Could M.I.A. perform at SU next year?

Could M.I.A. perform at SU next year?

My buddy Nathan Mattise forwarded me this survey, formed by University Union, that might decide next year’s music headliners at SU. The list of possible headliners is ridiculous–it can’t be real.

As for possible headlining acts, it asks you to grade the following: MGMT, M.I.A., Kings of Leon, Vampire Weekend and others. It would be utterly amazing to land MGMT or M.I.A. for next year’s Juice Jam, but how could this be true? University Union has less money than ever and still falls short on SU concerts every year, despite getting Bloc Party and Ra Ra Riot for last year’s Juice Jam (which I missed because I was in London! God!).

It gets even more ridiculous when it asks us to grade the possible supporting acts. Hold your breath, because these are headlining-quality acts: Lily Allen, Handsome Furs, Girl Talk, Katy Perry,  and others. Girl Talk, a supporting act???!! Are these guys nuts?! This alone slashes the credibility of the survey.

It’d be a miracle to land any of these names for next year, but don’t give your hopes up.

Just to be annoying, I added a request for Phantogram next year. Hey, you never know!!!

–Jett Wells, Reviews Editor

Emerging Artists: Deastro by kayzimbo

DaestroDeastro is officially my new favorite band.  They classify themselves on their myspace as “German Pop/Japanese Pop/Italian Pop” but manage to mix a Kings of Leon vocal timbre with electronic loops and instrumental glory.  One could call it an identity crisis, but Deastro provides the listener with an incredible variety of music on the album”Keepers.”  While some songs remind me of the intense arrangments of “Sometime Around Midnight” by the The Airborne Toxic Event and “Dawn of the Dead” by Does It Offend You, Yeah, the last song could easily be put on a mixtape with Bon Iver.

This band started out as a one man operation, but has grown to be a full band who gives away their music online.  I approve.  Check out the link below to download the cd “Keepers,” it’s a free download with no repercussions: what’s not to like?

Free 4 All: Daestro, Keepers

-Kyra Zeller