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20 Watts Reviews Annie’s Don’t Stop by Marc Sollinger

Annie brings energy and joy to her sophomore album

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Annie is an interesting phenomenon. In almost all respects, she’s just a standard pop star, working in the mold of early Madonna. Yet, she’s still managed to attain indie credibility, the likes of which would normally be hard to come by.

Listening to her sophmore album, Don’t Stop, it’s easy to see why. Annie doesn’t do anything too differently from her dance floor contemporaries like Kylie Minogue or even Britney Spears. However, she excels by cutting out most of the filler that those similar artists are wont to include in their respective efforts. Continue reading


Emerging Artists: The Mummers by carlywolkoff
April 14, 2009, 1:00 am
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Historically, the term “mummers” refers to groups of actors who would perform folk plays in the streets or in people’s homes.  Though mumming dates back to the medieval era (particularly in Great Britain), the practice is still popular today with Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade. 

The style of these “mummers” and the band, The Mummers is actually quite similar.  The actors are known for their elaborate, yet playful performances.  The Mummers’ stage presence is evocative of these plays with such a variety of instruments and fantastical costumes, it’s like they’re truly putting on a Disney-esque musical.  Mummers’ singer, Raissa Khan-Panni’s seductive voice is usually complemented by ornate marching-band-like instrumentals—the combination of the two I can strangely only liken to a pixie sprinkling magical fairy dust onto my ears.  Though their music often has the strut of a Broadway show tune, it is far more versatile in its playability.

Raissa is far from new to the music scence—in 2000, she had a hit single in the UK called, “How Long Do I Get”  and she has also performed with Suede and Kylie Minogue.  But we should probably just leave that in the past because her work now with The Mummers more than makes up for her past atrocities. 

–Carly Wolkoff 

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