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20 Watts’ Best of 2009 by 20watts

20 Watts brings you the Best Albums of 2009!

So, the champagne’s out, the fireworks have stopped, the ball has dropped. The year 2009 may be long gone … But the music is still here — vibrant and waitng for masses who have yet to consume it! Naturally we want to help y’all out. Here’s 20 Watts’ list of the 20 best albums of 2009, from us to you! Enjoy!

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20 Watts’ Best of 2009: #6 Passion Pit’s Manners by dana20watts
Passion Pit’s Manners is #6 on our Best of 2009 list

PREVIEW: LISTEN to Passion Pit on their MySpace
TOP TRACK: “Sleepyhead
Music-wise, 2009 could easily be deemed “the year of the synthesizer.” Countless artists have somehow incorporated the music machine into their tracks, from Lil Wayne and Kanye West — whose recent singles sound like T-pain’s spawn — to electro-pop bands like Phoenix, MGMT and, of course, Passion Pit.
Passion Pit’s highly anticipated debut album, Manners, was released in May 2009, a year after their EP Chunk of Change created a ton of buzz in the indie music scene. The album’s first single, “The Reeling,” peaked at number 29 on the Billboard charts in October. It’s easy to see why, since the song encompasses what Passion Pit is all about. The European-esque electronic background music has a hint of ‘80s pop mixed in, that when combined with lead singer Michael Angelakos’ falsetto and a chorus that won’t get out of your head, it’s hard for people to ignore the band.
The rest of Manners will not disappoint, since most of the tracks have the same fun, electro-pop sound as “The Reeling.” Tracks like “Make Light” and “Little Secrets” are dance favorites. The best thing about the album is that every track is fun and refreshing. It managed to escape the trend of many new artists who have one good song, and then fail to release anything like their debut single.
There are also a few more laid-back songs on the album, such as personal favorite, “Eyes As Candles.” If you’re one of those people who like ballads, “Moth’s Wings” and “Swimming in the Flood” could constitute for a slower vibe- although they definitely have a little more zing that the normal, self-pitying ballad.
It would’ve been smart for Passion Pit to put one of these songs last on their album, so listeners could catch their breath from how hyped this CD makes you. But I have a little inkling that most people don’t mind going a little crazy to some good music. If you’re one of those people who like to listen to new tunes to prepare for a night of mayhem, pop in Passion Pit’s Manners. I guarantee a good night will follow.
— Dana Mikaelian

Editor’s Pick #196: Jack Beats’ Remix of Passion Pit’s “Little Secrets” by elizabethvogt
November 2, 2009, 9:52 pm
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Jack Beats try their hand at remixing Passion Pit's "Little Secrets"

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD Jack Beats’ Remix of Passion Pit’s “Little Secrets” MP3

When I first heard “Sleepyhead,” I became an instant Passion Pit addict.  Considering Chunk of Change is just an EP, you can imagine my excitement when Manners dropped this past May. I so enjoyed introducing all of my friends to this amazing new group and relished in the fact that they were my own little treasure.

Sadly, the rest of the world soon discovered Passion Pit. “The Reeling” can be heard at almost every party. Remixes of almost every song on Manners are all over the great and powerful World Wide Web. “Moth’s Wings” was even featured on an episode of Gossip Girl. Needless to say, I was a sad, sad girl for at least a month.

The one thing that finally brought me out of my Passion Pit-turning-mainstream slum was a remix I recently discovered. After sifting through about 5 remix attempts of “Little Secrets,” I finally found one by Jack Beats that is quite possibly one of the best remixes I have ever heard.  The once happy-go-lucky number is smothered with a dark, mysterious sound. These boys completely transform the track into something entirely different altogether and the end product is absolutely astounding.

— Elizabeth Vogt, Assistant Front of Book Editor

New Passion Pit Featuring GOV by tjwell01
April 15, 2009, 1:33 pm
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passionpit500Passion Pit’s new album “Manners” is a highly anticipated ensemble sure to blow up everywhere. The album is set to release on May 19th, but you can pre-order it if off Insound.

If you want a little taste of the magical new album, listen to “The Reeling” which features rapper GOV.

Hip-hop works really well with Passion Pit’s mixed vortex sounds, and even better–GOV sings along with Passion Pit’s harmony. I can’t wait for this album to come out.

Damn you for ditching us at the Wescott Theater!

–Jett Wells, Co-Reviews Editor

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