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It is Thursday night and 20 Watts Radio is on Audiocandy. Make sure you tune in and don’t miss out on our great selection of awesome tunes.  We have some cool news happening at 20 Watts you simply cant miss. We are gonna give you a run down on some local shows that will be happening this weekend. If you are in Cuse you are most likely snowed in anyway, so join us for a quick getaway as we give you a run down of the awesome stuff you can do in Syracuse once this snow melts. Not to mention if you wanna request a song, all you need to do it tweet at you host here. So make sure to join 20 Watts on Auodiocandy 10 pm sharp. To tune in Click Here.

Show Playlist

1. Taxi Cab – Vampire Weekend
2. Something About Us – Daft Punk
3. Seahorse – Devendra Banhart
4. Actor Out of Work – St. Vincent
5. Laura – Girls
6. Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
7. where do you go to my lovely – Peter Sarstedt
8. Crown of Love – Arcade Fire
9. Grace Kelly – Mika
10. Hong Kong Garden – Siouxsie & The Banshees
11. Friday XIII – Deer Tick
12. Elephant Gun – Beirut
13. Nothing Ever Happened – Deerhunter
14. Silence Kid – Pavement
15. My Parents Lied – The Static Jacks
16. Gold and a Pager – The Cool Kids
17. Don’t Haunt This Place – The Rural Alberta Advantage
18. The Fox In The Snow – Belle & Sebastian
19. Snow and Lights- Explosions in the Sky
20. Snow (Hey Oh) – The Red Hot Chili Peppers
21. Wintertime Love – Choir Of Young Believers
22. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
–Irina Dvalidze

20 Watts Reviews The Temper Trap’s Conditions by Irina Dvalidze
Temper Trap Release Their Debut Album Conditions

The Temper Trap Release Their Debut Album Conditions

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD The Temper Trap’s “Soldier On” MP3
WE GIVE IT: 14/20 Watts

Whether you realize it or not, you have probably heard of The Temper Trap, considering how their hit single “Sweet Disposition” has been clogging up everything from TV jingles to the much-loved (500) Days of Summer soundtrack.

The Aussie quartet made their first appearance in 2006 with a self-tilted EP, only to vanish for the next 3 years. Fortunately this foursome seems to have gotten it together and released a legitimate follow-up, with debut album Conditions.

While it’s nothing revolutionary musically, Conditions is fun and extremely well put together. Though the acoustics sound a few notes too close to U2 and lead singer Dougy Mandagi’s voice is far too reminiscent of  “pop sensation“ Mika, the album definitely has its merits. Continue reading

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20 Watts’ Review Roundup, Week of September 21st by JohnCassillo
Why? attempts indie rock in earnest their latest release

Why? attempts indie rock in earnest on their latest release

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD Why?’s “Against Me” MP3

Every week, 20 Watts rounds up the new releases on our radar; click the link for our full review.

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Why?Eskimo Snow [14/20 Watts]

The genre-jumping alternative artists try their hand at indie rock on their latest release, Eskimo Snow. Fluctuating between rambling, pop bravado and  somber, desperate rock ballads, the album hits a great balance in moods that only elevates its status. It’s a welcoming effort for fans both new and old.

IslandsVapours [15/20 Watts]

Picking up the pieces from 2008’s Arm’s Way, Islands has regrouped for their third effort, and the results are much more favorable. Abandoning complicated melodies for a back-to-basics approach, the band returns to their usual, goofy pop sensibilities, this time set to a combination of indie rock and ’80s new wave. Predictably, the results are, at the least, interesting, if not a great return to form.

Monsters of FolkMonsters of Folk [16/20 Watts]

The folk super group of Jim James, Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis and M. Ward comes to fruition with an effort worthy of their collective skills. Easily managing each member’s respective talents, the effort achieves a surprising balance in contribution, giving fans of each member a few feature tunes, along with enough secondary contributions to keep them listening throughout.

The Twilight SadForget the Night Ahead [15/20 Watts]

The Twilight Sad’s second studio album, Forget the Night Ahead, shows a band infinitely more mature, both musically and psychologically, than they were just two years ago. Now distortion-heavy and moody, the band has darkened their demeanor, and committed itself to an emphasis of the music behind the lyrics. The results are as positive as you’d expect, as the band avoids a sophomore slump in a big way.

Volcano ChoirUnmap [15/20 Watts]

Another collaboration of artists, Volcano Choir is a joint effort between Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon and Collections of Colonies of Bees. The result is a minimalist manifesto, one which constructs a meaningful, albeit chaotic-at-times offering of tracks sure to please fans of both artists respectively.

GirlsAlbum [13/20 Watts]

Girls turn in some snappy, shameless pop on their debut effort, Album, which easily succeeds as the most annoying record name of the year. From allusions to Love, Cheap Trick, Buddy Holly and more, to their inherent sense of humor, Girls complete a fair showing on their first trip out of the gate, hopefully with more ambitious releases to come.

Brand NewDaisy [12/20 Watts]

Gone is the band of pop hits such as “Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades.” In its place is a dark, dingy guitar band, squealing and screeching their way through downtrodden, yet explosive tracks on Daisy. The new noise aspects are sometimes too daring for their own good, but when completed successfully, it’s worth the listen.

MikaThe Boy Who Knew Too Much [16/20 Watts]

Loud, exuberant and brimming with an energy most artists would seemingly kill for, Mika returns for another fun, falsetto-filled effort. It truly is radio pop at its finest, as Mika and his background chorus soar to stunning heights, and even throw in some slower, more intimate moments too. For pop enthusiasts, this is a must.

Sean KingstonTomorrow [12/20 Watts]

Kingston turns in another reggae/hip-hop collection laced with radio hits and enough listenability for just about any iPod. Most of the tracks play like a single, which can either be to its benefit, or demise, depending on your point of view. Still, even in its mixtape-type format, those who have previously counted themselves fans will find what they’re looking for.

— John Cassillo, Reviews Editor

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20 Watts Reviews Mika’s The Boy Who Knew Too Much by JohnCassillo

Mika returns with another album full of high-energy jubilation

Mika returns with another album full of high-energy jubilation

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD Mika’s “We Are Golden” MP3
WE GIVE IT: 16/20 Watts

Mika’s latest installment in his series of feel-good, Freddie Mercury-esque ballads comes to us in the form of The Boy Who Knew Too Much. From the starting beat of the bass drum in lead track, “We Are Golden,” it is obvious that Mika has plans for his listeners to be entirely involved and ready to sing and dance their way through their places of work or study.

Sounding a tad too much like a Broadway chorus, Mika manages to take a basic drum rhythm, a few chords on a bass and random hints of mysterious synthesizer in the background, and turn it into an epic piece of world-saving music. Alternating between soprano climaxes and occasional speaking section, Mika engages the listener in the fun he and his usual background choir are undoubtedly having while recording. Continue reading