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Mix Fix: “Sleep Tonight” by Stars (Junior Boys Remix) by tjwell01
February 1, 2010, 12:55 pm
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Few remixes are so low-tempo and minor, which makes it interesting.

PREVIEW THE DJ: Junior Boys’ MySpace

LISTEN: “Sleep Tonight” by Stars (Junior Boys Remix)

Warping this slow song into a powerhouse pop song would’ve be interesting, but Junior Boys took a more delicate approach. They didn’t do much, just minor adjustments by adding a “Paper Planes” beat to it, and a few synth notes in the verses, and that’s it. As a DJ, you need to find the core of the song, and focus on that and enhance it, not just do what you want and add bulging bass beats every time. That should be the remix manifesto, and the Junior Boys didn’t over-do it.

–Jett Wells

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Editor’s Pick# 267: The Hoof and The Heel by tjwell01

Need another reason to pay attention to Montreal, QC? Here it is.

PREVIEW: The Hoof and The Heel’s MySpace

LISTEN: “Fireworks”

It’s a goofy name, but their music is anything but. These Montreal kids hijacked my ears immediately with “Fireworks,” and yet I was pretty disappointed the rest of the tracks on their MySpace were very low-tempo and slow, unlike the jumpy “Fireworks.” No matter, because there’s no way these guys can trap the energy of this song forever. They released an EP titled and all the Tigers recently, and maybe if they’re lucky, they can be the next Freelance Whales.

–Jett Wells, Co-Multimedia Editor

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ISSUE 20 | 20 Watts Interviews Parlovr by tjwell01

On the eve of a new EP and still unsigned, Parlovr is anxious to branch out

PREVIEW: VISIT Parlovr’s MySpace

Check out 20 Watts’ exclusive interview with Parlovr’s Louis Jackson. Jackson and Parlovr are an unsigned indie rock band based in Montreal, and one of 20 Watts’ favorite emerging artists. With just a little guitar kit from K-Mart and mountains of spirit, Parlovr is clawing it’s way to the top of the exploding Montreal music scene.

— Jett Wells

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