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ISSUE 22 | Reviews: Roky Erickson’s True Love Cast Out All Evil by 20watts

Roky Erickson's True Love Cast Out All Evil: ""

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WE GIVE IT: 16/20 Watts
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Fighting off a career of tragedy and setbacks, Roky Erickson’s legacy is often forgotten amidst the chaos of his life from 1966 to now. He would be revered as a pioneer of garage and psychedelic rock, if it wasn’t for his stays in prison and mental institutions, leading to countless years of inactivity. But now, with the help of fellow Austin musicians Okkervil River, Erickson’s pain—after decades of silence finally sees the light of day.

The sentiment behind True Love Cast Out All Evil is indeed Continue reading

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THE 20.7: Post-Punk by 20watts

The 20- Joy Division_01

In the late-’70s and early-’80s, following hot on the trails of punk rock, a new musical movement developed on both coasts of the Atlantic. The artists and bands associated with it shunned punk’s noise for a more layered, introverted songwriting and instrumentality. The movement brought with it synthesizers, Krautrock influences, as well as a more complex and experimental approach to music-making. In doing so, they set the wheels in motion for the eventual surge in ’80s and ’90s alternative rock. History has labeled this movement post-punk.

So what’s the very best of post-punk? 20 Watts’ CHRIS PARKER has the answer in our seventh 20 installment. Watch for new 20s each Thursday, only on 20 Watts, and check out our previous 20s below!


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Throwbacks: I’ll Have Some Blossoms With My Gin by cweeks88

These guys must have performed at Central Perk

These guys could have performed at Central Perk

PREVIEW: Gin Blossoms “Found Out About You” MP3

The ’90s were just as self-absorbed as the ’80s were, but at least we had a Democrat in office — and we had bands like Gin Blossoms. These guys were just one of many alternative rock bands from the 1990s that were never distinct enough to make their mark, but still qualify as legitimate musical comfort food. In “Found Out About You,” Gin Blossoms sound like a poor man’s R.E.M. with the melodic-yet-simple bass line, the chiming Buck-ish guitar licks and the double-tracked Stipe-esque vocal harmonies.

They never played music regarded as genius. However, there is something charmingly ordinary about this song as their words piece together innocent imagery and settings of “last summer” and “nights out in the school yards” all leading to the recurring title line about what is presumably infidelity — not exactly the most original lyrics or themes.

In the pile of repetitive knock-offs that have permeated music throughout the decades, Gin Blossoms find a perfect balance. They’re listenable and not even a guilty pleasure.

— Charlie Weeks

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Releases of the Week, Week 12: R.E.M., the Black Keys and the Wood Brothers by 20watts
April 13, 2008, 2:34 am
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R.E.M. – Accelerate

Recently in Spin magazine R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck said: “we went from being the greatest band on earth to being old, miserable has-beens to people going ‘you know what? They’re actually pretty good.’”

Although R.E.M. hasn’t climbed the ladder to once again be “the greatest band on earth” they certainly prove that old timers can still rock hard and create great music. This album is full of mature songs that only a band with their vast experience could create. The album opens up with “Living Well Is the Best Revenge”, which reveals true writing talent. This track has immense replay value and as you get older the song will get older with you.

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