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PREVIEW: LISTEN to Free People’s “Wintry Mix”

Well, we almost made it through an entire semester with no snow, but according to this week’s weather forecast, that dream will soon become a distant memory. I don’t know about you, but Syracuse’s constant gray skies and inches of snow blowing in my face sort of put a damper on my day. If you’re the same way, pop in your headphones and listen to Free People’s “Wintry Mix” playlist. The 15 winter-themed tracks will help you actually enjoy the mounds of snow, and make you feel as though you’re living in a winter wonderland– not a sub-zero ice box.

What’s best about the playlist is that it’s a truly eclectic mix of music. There’s classic rock, indie rock and even a bit of 90s and Bob Marley thrown in. And what’s even better than the array of artists? Free People made sure to put together songs that represented the winter season in general, as well as the holidays. So instead of going crazy listening to the same Christmas songs over and over again on the radio, listen to “Wintry Mix” on your way to class and enjoy the extreme weather that you’ll be experiencing until April.

–Dana Mikaelian, Communications Director


Editor’s Pick #211: The Cranberries are back! by tjwell01

The Cranberries launched their comeback tour last night!

PREVIEW: READ SPIN’s article on The Cranberries’ first show of their comeback tour in Baltimore, MD

For six years, The Cranberries had remained a legend frozen in time that we all could listen to in memory and cherish as great Irish alternative rock. They were the band we made out to, the music we’d come to love in really bad chick flicks and the sound we miss most about the 1990s. And in a blink, they’re back from memory and now in reality. The Cranberries are back! They kicked off their U.S. comeback tour last night, and it’s about time.

The Cranberries are great not only because they have so many hits, like “Dreams,” “Zombie” and “Linger,” but because they were the face of a decade and a genre. It’s not like catching the Rolling Stones or Paul McCartney — The Cranberries weren’t  that iconic — but they’re one of those bands you can’t forget because their pop songs are so deeply entwined in our culture.

It’s kinda sad how old the 1990s feel — it’s like they’ve replaced the 1980s to us, and The Cranberries were like the Blondie of the 1990s. I feel so old now, as I type this. That said, I still don’t plan on catching them live, but I’m happy they’re still playing.

— Jett Wells, Assistant Multimedia Editor

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How to Pick Music During a Family Roadtrip by tjwell01
Hate DJing for your parents?

Hate DJing for your parents?

I just got back from a two-day getaway trip to UpState New York with my parents. It sucked, but I’m not going to get into that. However, it reminded me of an annoying occurrence that happens every time I share a car with my parents for a prolonged period—choosing music.

Every time, my mom or my dad asks me to put in my iPod, which is filled with tons of music I love, cherish and worship. To them, a lot of my music is challenging, repetitive and just plain obnoxious. Music is one of the many generational divides we face with our parents, but there are ways to pick music that all sides can enjoy. Keep in mind, this method doesn’t last forever, and you’ll get tired of it, but it helps. All parents are different, but the following tips apply to even the most conservative music lovers.

1) Avoid songs/bands/genres that are repetitive

This means no house music, techno, or Top 40 music. My parents hate hearing the same notes repeated over and over again. It drives them crazy, which is understandable. It’s not like you’re parents want to pull the car over and have a full-out dance party.

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