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20 Watts Reviews Rufus Wainwright’s All Days Are Nights by jmlittman

20 Watts Reviews Rufus Wainwright's All Days Are Nights

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Rufus Wainwright’s many personal tragedies continue to haunt the listener on “All Days Are Nights.” With the death of the artist’s mother grounding the album in the sobering depth of eerie reverence, Wainwright explores found-sounds, lyrical metaphors and even Shakespearean sonnets. The song “Martha” is a collection of answering machine messages to Wainwright’s sister in which the artist expresses concern about his parents getting older. In an album full of personal loss, Wainwright’s piano remains his most consistent companion,.

In a turn for the literary, Wainwright puts three different Shakespearean sonnets to music in “When Most I Wink,” “A Woman’s Face,” and “Shame.”  The tracks seamlessly blend into one another and create beautiful homogeny of fitting repetition. Sombreness is the main theme of the album. No grandeur or flashiness is present in the face the tragic circumstances that drive Wainwright’s lyricism.

Like grief itself, this album is unpredictable in how it may impact the wayward listener. Wainwright’s voice and hands complement each other through the tracks, creating a challenging emotional odyssey that is perpetually unaware of where it might end.

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