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ISSUE 21 | Home Recordings: Invisible Mustache by 20watts

Syracuse natives Invisible Mustache

Part of Issue 21 coverage!

Jumbo shrimp, academic fraternity, midnight sun, boneless ribs — the definitive list of silly wordplay is always changing on us. And Syracuse-based band Invisible Mustache have contributed another.

But the contradictions don’t stop at their name: Invisible Mustache, a self-described “home studio band,” don’t make a habit of performing live, and their artistically simple songs are riddled with complicated layers. Notably, none of the four members actually Continue reading

20 Watts Radio: Syracuse Concert Analysis Roundup by tjwell01
March 26, 2010, 4:22 pm
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A special guest joins me to talk about upcoming Syracuse concerts.

LISTEN: “Concert Roundup”

A special guest, Adam Biswanger, a.k.a. the classic rock scholar, dishes his thoughts on upcoming indie performances at Syracuse, Miike Snow and Sleigh Bells. Biswanger also talks about the role of indie rock and the hardship of crossing over to the mainstream. He’s excited about one band, and not the another, but who’s got the leg up? Sleigh Bells and Miike Snow go head-to-head in this special 20 Watts podcast.

–Jett Wells

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News of Note: Drake Coming to Syracuse? by tjwell01
February 18, 2010, 9:22 pm
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According to his MySpace, Drake will play in Syracuse, NY on April 30th at a "private location."

PREVIEW: Drake’s MySpace

The Spring 2010 concert season keeps getting better—maybe. According to his MySpace, personal website and Billboard, Drake will be playing at “private location” in Syracuse, NY on April 30. He’s on a college tour, “Away from Home,” so it’s not completely crazy to think he’ll be coming to Syracuse University at that date. Nick Cicero, an SU grad student and producer signed to the same company as Drake’s producer, Neenyo, said Drake is “supposed to be coming,” but it isn’t “uber-official” yet.

Of course, this all could change as we get closer to the date. Don’t give your hopes up, but the hottest indie rapper could be coming soon.

Stay tuned for updates later.

–Jett Wells and Nathan Mattise

Spring CNY Concert Season by tjwell01

Neon Indian is just one of many great upcoming concerts scheduled for CNY

The Spring Central New York concert lineup is turning out to be pretty legendary. Don’t have a car? Carpool with some friends, because star-studded gigs like these don’t come every year when you’re stuck on the banks of the Erie Canal. The highlights are everywhere, whether it’s Neon Indian and Passion Pit in Buffalo, or Sleigh Bells in Syracuse or The Flaming Lips in Ithaca.


Cold Cave @ Mohawk Place (2/21)

Cursive @ Mowhawk Place (3/7)

Free Energy @ Big Orbit Soundlab Space (3/10)

YACHT w/ MNDR @ Big Orbit Soundlab Space (3/7)

Neon Indian @ Big Orbit Soundlab Space (3/12)

Passion Pit @ Town Ballroom (3/28)

Bassnectar @ The Tralf Music Hall (4/20)

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20 Watts Video: What is 20 Watts? by tjwell01

What is 20 Watts, exactly? We’re the guys who bring mixtapes instead of flowers on the first date and the girls who’ll never shut up about their favorite new single. We love music — that’s all it comes down to for us. We’re gearing up to step it up this year. New developments are on the way, and we can’t wait to keep improving the brand. Keep reading and listening, because we feel the love.

Love and stereo,

20 Watts

Editor’s Pick #239: The Perfect Pandora Station For Studying by elizabethvogt

Pandora Radio=Musical Genius

PREVIEW: CREATE a Sufjan Stevens Station on Pandora

Finals. Finals. Finals. That is basically all anyone here at Syracuse has been hearing for the past few days. Whether it’s Chemistry or Design History, some extreme studying is going on practically everywhere you look. One study sesh necessity: a solid playlist that will get you focused. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to what type of music is being blasted through their earbuds as they voraciously finish that last Calc problem or skim through yet another chapter in their Astronomy textbook. My best friend through these stressful times, however, has been my Sufjan Stevens Station on Pandora.

Although I have at least 15 different stations on my Pandora account, the best I have ever come across is by far Sufjan Stevens. Even if you’re not into folk, this station is seriously amazing for studying. With recurring artists such as Iron & Wine, Damien Rice, Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, Sigur Ros and Andrew Bird (to name a few…), I never want to stop listening. Strangely enough, I actually can’t wait to crack open the books because I know that I will soon be pressing play and letting the angelic voice of Sufjan calm my stressed head.

So if you’re about to rip out your hair while studying for final 4 out of 6, go to www.pandora.com, type in Sufjan Stevens, and prepare for some enjoyable studying. Didn’t think it was possible? Well, with Sufjan, anything is possible.

–Elizabeth Vogt, Assistant Front of Book Editor

Editor’s Pick #204: Studying To Trance Music by elizabethvogt


iTunes Podcast Trance Around the World with Above & Beyond

PREVIEW: STREAM Episode #250 of Trance Around the World with Above & Beyond

Here at Syracuse, mid-term time is pretty much insane. With the library filling up with five new kids per minute, it gets kind of tough when you’re trying to concentrate on the civilization and domestication of the Upper Paleolithic. Needless to say, with a subject as dull as that, I was desperately searching for something, anything that could help me focus.

Then I discovered trance. I always knew what trance was, of course:  that crazy genre of electronic dance music that kids listen to at raves while poppin’ some psychedelics (not recommended, by the way). Considering there isn’t a huge following in my hometown, I never really got into that scene the way the rest of the EDM kids did. After listening to an Itunes podcast that my friend recommended to me during an intense study sesh, however, I was instantly hooked. The radio show is called Trance Around The World with Above & Beyond and is broadcasted every Friday from the Above & Beyond’s studios in London. Unlike your simple iTunes playlist, TATW plays a non-stop set for two solid hours with transitions so smooth you don’t even realize a new track is playing. One of the coolest things about TATW: the last 30 minutes or so of each episode is devoted to a guest mix by a great DJ such as Armin van Buuren or Cosmic Gate.

After questioning many of my friends about TATW, the general consensus is this: TATW is the equivalent of musical adderall. That being said, the next time you sit down with your two-page long Anthropology review, download a free episode of TATW and watch how quickly you finish that sucker.

— Elizabeth Vogt, Assistant Front of Book Editor