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Editor’s Pick #288: Road Trip? Anyone? by Isabel Alcantara
Get ready, get set, Sasquatch!

PREVIEW: VISIT Sasquatch’s Web site

I just realized that the thing I want most in the world (aside from a house with a pool filled with Jell-O [seriously]) is to go to SASQUATCH! (and no, I’m not just terribly excited, the name actually has an exclamation point).

Now, hold on, I know where this is going.

“No Isabel,” you’ll say, rolling your eyes. “Sasquatch is a terrifying forest-beast, not an event you attend.”

To which I say, you’re wrong. Sasquatch! is a music festival in Quincy, WA with tremendously impressive line-up for its three day run. A quick glance at the list of artists attending assured me that this is the festival to go to. To hell with tuition and fiscal responsibility. I want to go to the Memorial Weekend festival that’s hosting not only My Morning Jacket, Vampire Weekend, The National, Broken Social Scene, OK Go, and Minus the Bear, but also, WHY?, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Garfunkel and Oates, Massive Attack, Pavement, LCD Soundsystem, Tegan and Sara, Kid Cudi and Dirty Projectors.

[Pause to catch your breath and wipe the tears of joy from your face].

The xx, Girls, MGMT, She & Him, Passion Pit, The New Pornographers, Camera Obscura, The Temper Trap, Dr. Dog, and The Mountain Goats, among others.

Did I have to make that list so long and dramatic? Yes.

Are you packing the cooler and gassing up the car? You should be.

Check out the full list, to further your freak-out.

— Isabel Alcantara, Photo Editor

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20 Watts Reviews The Mountain Goats’ The Life of the World to Come by Jeanette Wall

The Mountain Goats' new album proves more spiritual than religious.

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD The Mountain Goats’ “Genesis 3:23” MP3
17/20 watts

Don’t let the track names or album title fool you — this is not a religious album. At most, it is spiritual. It is said to be autobiographical. But, if nothing else, The Mountain GoatsThe Life of the World to Come is heartfelt and meaningful.

A major aspect of this possible concept album is the fact that it is largely based off of lead singer John Darnielle’s life. Lest, when has Darnielle not drawn albums from his own experiences? Listening to The Sunset Tree, for example, you can hear his account of a dark childhood. Here though, he uses parables from the Bible as framework to reflect on his past. Be they stories of love, or death, or the life somewhere in between, Darnielle is reminded of the Gospel. Continue reading

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Editor’s Pick #179: Devendra Banhart’s “Shabop Shalom” and Collaborations by Irina Dvalidze

Devendra to release a new collaboratin with Beck

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD Devendra Banhart’s “Shabop Shalom” MP3

Like we needed yet another reason to love Devendra Banhart! This ridiculously versatile polyglot can do no wrong whether he is confessing his true love in “Lover” or engaging in infidelity in “Carmensita.” A part of the New Weird American movement with the likes of Bon Iver, Islands, The Mountain Goats and Grizzly Bear, Devendra’s sound can only de bescribed as original and intriguingly strange.

Even though it has been about two years since his last full — and so far best — album, Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, Devendra has been dropping countless collaborations and side-projects with some of the coolest individuals in the business. One name appears increasingly often — Beck. Beck and Banhart collaborated on Beck’s second Record Club covers album, Songs of Leonard Cohen, specks of which have been gradually appearing on Beck’s web-page. Apparently these two hit it off pretty well since barely two weeks after the announcement of their co-artistic shenanigans, Pitchfork reported their next collaboration with Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness director, Todd Solondz. Looks like  Solondz’s next film Life During Wartime will have an acoustic accompaniment to envy. Who knows? If we are lucky this one song project may even evolve into a full soundtrack.

— Irina Dvalidze, Multimedia Editor