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ISSUE 21 | Reviews: Beach House’s Teen Dream by 20watts

Beach House's Teen Dream is pretty close to a melodic masterpiece.

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PREVIEW: Visit Beach House’s MySpace
WE GIVE IT: 18/20 Watts

High school usually boiled down to one thing: hormones. Beach House’s lovingly constructed third full-length effort officially dropped at the beginning of the year, just in time for Valentine’s Day, and it’s almost a pity that they don’t have any serious competition yet. Teen Dream might already be the best dream pop album of 2010.

The record is dense. Tightly wound but spaciously executed, the songs on this would-be break-up album wander as much as they gallop. On certain tracks, Victoria Legrand’s airy, atmospheric vocals sound as lost as Alex Scally’s guitar work sounds confident, and vice-versa.

They play against each other through­out the record. Album opener “Zebra” en­ters with a single curious Continue reading


ISSUE 21 | Q&A: Beach House by 20watts

20 Watts Interviews Alex Scally of Beach House

Part of Issue 21 coverage!

Alex Scally is one-half of dream pop duo Beach House. He and bandmate Victoria Legrand released their acclaimed third record Teen Dream in late January. The Baltimore natives are currently on tour in Europe and will be coming back to the United States in time to play Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival the day before Pavement.

Already one of the dreamiest acts of 2010, we expect awesome things from Beach House in the future.

20 Watts: You two have just released your latest album Teen Dream. How is it constructed compared to your earlier stuff?

Alex Scally: We usually start off with one very simple and exciting idea and then try to let it grow into something more substan­tial. We’ve been touring for years now with hundreds and hundreds of shows, so we have a lot of experience to rest on. We had seven or eight months away from touring to just work and let things really grow. Then we had, for the first time, the ability to go into the studio and record. We recorded for three weeks, which, for us, is an insane luxury. It’s just like the other albums. The songs grew the same way, but we had a Continue reading

20 Watts Reviews Beach House’s Teen Dream by JohnCassillo

Beach House's Teen Dream is a beautiful account of young love and heartbreak

PREVIEW: STREAM Beach House’s “Norway”
WE GIVE IT: 18/20 Watts

Beach House‘s third full-length, Teen Dream, is a spectacle the likes of which will be hard to surpass in 2010. From the soaring, haunting chamber pop choruses, reminiscent of Grizzly Bear‘s Veckatimest, to the dreamy, pop landscapes it creates, the album is a testament to all that indie accomplished in 2009. And all it’s sure to accomplish in the coming year and beyond.

A deeply personal account of teenage emotions, Teen Dream plays to its title impeccably. The shuffling, nonchalant “Silver Soul” prods the issues at hand, while overall leaving them a mystery. Honest and heartfelt numbers like the 2008 single “Used to Be” and “Lover of Mine” take a more straightforward approach. The problems — mostly lost love and the subsequently forlorn existence — take form in their most crucial, vulnerable states. We see them for what the author sees them as, the crux of their young world. Continue reading

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Editor’s Pick #218: Beach House’s “Norway” by JohnCassillo
November 19, 2009, 10:39 am
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Beach House's "Norway" is a preview for third album, Teen Dream


PREVIEW: LISTEN to the track at Beach House’s MySpace

Staring low and subtle, Beach House‘s “Norway” quickly ups the pace to a rapid and frenzied gallop. Still, it maintains the dreamy pop narrative which band members Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have perfected so well since 2006.

“Norway,” for those who didn’t notice the news earlier in the week, is the first offering from Beach House‘s third album, Teen Dream. It’s an appropriate name for the band’s Sub Pop debut, as we can tell from the sound of this track at least. Themes lend to more youthful tendencies, and overall, it reeks of the type of teen pop charm you can’t help but appreciate. If the rest of the album’s anything like this, we’re in for a treat come its January 26th release date.

— John Cassillo, Reviews Editor