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20 Watts Reviews Young Money’s Year 2K9 by gjfitton

Young Money release an effective greatest hits album

PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD Drake’s “Ransom” (Feat. Lil Wayne) MP3
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2009 has surely been a definitive year for Young Money Entertainment. With collaborative single “Every Girl” and Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” charting at #10 and #2 respectively, and a slew of albums on the horizon, the label is enjoying the success of pop stardom. Led by Lil’ Wayne, Young Money is a crew consisting of rappers and singers signed to his imprint. Young Money Year 2k9 is a sort of like a greatest hits (a large portion of this album is available on previously released mixtapes), showcasing the successful mixtape songs, freestyles, and singles of 2009.

The main characters of the album are the label’s two megastars, Lil’ Wayne and Drake. They collaborate and completely rip apart “Ransom” with multisyllabic flows and crisp punch lines, while being a little more fun and laid back on “Man of the Year.” The original version of “Forever” is also featured, though it severely lacks a monster verse from Eminem, as seen on the version cut for More Than a Game. “Every Girl” shows up too, catchy as ever, even after months of radio rotation. Continue reading