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Mix Fix: The Drake “Over” Remix Sweepstakes (POLL) by tjwell01
March 25, 2010, 12:37 pm
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Drake's new single "Over" is hot remix material, but which one is the best?

In further honor of the Drake Block Party concert coming up in a matter of weeks, let’s keep the love-fest flowing. In this Mix Fix, I’m going to try something different. I want readers to jump in and tell me which remix they like out of my top three candidates for best remix of Drake’s “Over.” I like all of them, and they all have different great qualities. I found it funny searching through all the remixes that most DJs couldn’t find a beat that matched up well with Drake’s awkward chorus in “Over.” It’s completely out of rhythm, so the good remix DJs are forced to slow or speed up his words. So keep in mind when voting that good remixes retain the soul of the song being remixed. So, who’s the winner?


(Dekk Remix)

(New Money Remix)

(Astronote Remix)

–Jett Wells



Drake? Girly-Man? Serious. Drake/Flake/Fake0000.

Comment by CCT

Astronote’s beat is hot, but the a capella doesn’t fit over it. It’s Dekk’s Remix and it’s not even close.

Comment by Kid Couture

I completely agree. Dekk’s my fav.

Comment by tjwell01

thanks for putting me in this contest. i think dekk’s rmx is dope. the acapella is the hardest to mesh with a beat, so anyone knocking Astronote’s rmx, careful, he did a lot with it.

Comment by new money

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